Game wont save (Van Helsing Final Cut)


Game won't save. I have started over in wraithwoods again and again and again. I even played long enough to move to the next chapter. Logged out and the next time I logged on guess where I was? Yep, Wraithwoods!! Very frustrating to lose hrs of gameplay. Both online and offline play. Any suggestions?

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Game wont save (Van Helsing Final Cut)
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4 years 119 days ago
I was all the way to the clock tower and went right back to wraithwoods. Moved up full chapters so it has to be a storage issue. It really is discouraging. I log on, see where I'm at and log off out of frustration. I really like the game and was thinking of buying other games by the dev but now I'm having second thoughts. 
4 years 119 days ago
Same here. Created a new char last week, levelled it to around lvl 15. Checked back last sunday (yesterday) and mentioned the same problem. The new char is now lvl 1, so theres something wrong with the cloud i guess. Would be nice if anyone could fix this. Wasted time kills fun.