Stolen Relic Chests should contain a Relic


At the moment Stolen Relic Chests (Guarded by a Deamon and Timer) can drop just basic and blue items - to date (at level 48) I've never had a relic drop from one.

These chests are quite rare (also with a challenge) and when you get very low to white drops from one, it all seems a bit pointless.

In my honest opinion they really need to drop a Relic (hence the name) and maybe at least one artificer item (purple).  To a degree this is where one of the greatest flaws with the game lie - bad to low drops - (even at high level) players need to feel rewarded for their efforts.

The potential for this game is staggering - I really enjoy it, but it could be so much better.

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Stolen Relic Chests should contain a Relic
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4 years 233 days ago
Agreed. I've been playing on extreme the last 2 months and even on extreme the loot drops suck. You'd think that by playing on the highest level you'd have the highest rewards but its pretty much the opposite. Also, because I sell everything, I have over 4 mil credits with nothing to spend them on because the rogues trader also sucks.
4 years 234 days ago
Yeah big time lol I keep saying the same thing to my friends
4 years 234 days ago
Yes, this has always been the case. From the very release day of the game, which was June 5th. Surely they should drop a Relic, hence the name. I never understood why they were named Relic Chests at all. Cause they never drop Relics, alwyas Blue or Purple items. It has also been mentioned earlier, in qute a few posts already. Haven´t you noticed it before now?

But in fact, I have stopped noticing and caring about like this. Nowadays I just smack the Daemon, open chest, grabs the items and then run to next mob(s) and smack them too. 90% of items I pick up will be sold anyways, and will also go for recycling.