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Hi, i'm Kall (in the game) and i'm going to show you a way how to level up from 1-50 level in 3-4 days without doing any regular missions. I thought i should make this post in order to help all the newcomers.
I will keep it simple as possible, practical and easy to read.

Get into a cabal
First things first get into a cabal, it will help you in the end leveling phase and on your way there members of the cabal will answer questions of yours about the game plus you participate in the community by being part of it and get an uo to 20% bonus xp in your group missions with cabal members.

 There are 2 phases in leveling. The pre end phase (1-28) and the end game (28-50). These are roughly numbers but gives you an idea.

Afterwards do the things i show you here in the exact order:
All these are the first phase:


1: Do all the story mission and it's side quests and do NOT spend any fate you gather from it, you will need it in the end leveling phase.
2: Do all the priority missions you can do, they are small maps fast and you gather more fate from it.
3: Keep all the xp boosters you find you will need them in the end leveling phase.
With that being said and by doing these in 2 days you can be already 28-30, simply by doing the story line. Then again if you are not exactly that don't get worried you are close for the end game which comes up next.


Till now u must have gathered at least 1500-1800 fate. That will be the food for your leveling to 50, don't waste it.

That is where your participate in a cabal will help you. You do one thing and ONE thing only to maximize the xp/sec you get in your playtime and that is 4 MAN GROUPED TAROT in impossible difficulty BUFFED with the xp boosters you have gathered so far.The creator of the group MUST be the highest power rating level character for better rewards. With that being said you will be able to get around 8k-12k xp per run or practically 1-2 levels per run. You will be 50 in no time. You may have a build and solo impossible missions also.

NOW one more thing the most doesn't notice. Every system has a reputation and your influence with it grant you rewards. Aethon , Chernobog, Dagnor and Lacaon system give you FATE rewards at some point, check the out.
All the 4  Grouped tarot mission you will do in the end phase make sure your galaxy map is stationed in a system you want to raise your influence with it. So you want lose time do regular missions to raise your influence with them and get the tasty fate rewards. These rewards are another 900 fate. So by doing the end phase leveling you will gather more fate when you get these rewards which you are going to use if needed for MORE 4 man grouped tarot missions in impossible difficulty.

                                                                --->Participate in events you get hell of a lot of fate<---

Also now that the warzone kicked in, try to raise your power rating to 1500 as soon as possible so u participate in it. Why? Because after Warzone mission lvl 45++ u get 3-4 relics plus purple every run which u sell  and u farm loads of fate. So also have priority power rating over your character level. Get it as soon as possible to 1500.

P.S Don't afraid to sell purple and relics you don't need these are more fate you might need and don't worry in the end you get a lot of them.

That's all guys, hope i've helped you.

Let's keep the community healthy and helpful, Kall


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4 years 131 days ago

you can solo impossible tarot missions brother

4 years 135 days ago
Good luck finding that mythical group at 30+.  Not to mention getting that much exp from a mission at that level or even being able to complete such a mission.  If the answer to leveling is put it on the hardest difficulty possible using one high level guy to boost your groups exp gains and play with only the most competent players.  Your system needs to be examined because ARPG's are 150% about end game farming and nothing else.
4 years 140 days ago
yes, participate in community events, they grant loads of xp brother
4 years 141 days ago

Issue is, you dont find 100% EXP packs anylonger. Atleast i didnt, neither on the crusader nor on the psyker.

So you are lvl 30-32 when you end the story quests.

YOu need more fate than 1800, more like 2000-2200 since after lvl 40 you wont get quite a whole level from tarot missions

4 years 142 days ago
guide updated after the warzones
4 years 168 days ago
guide updated
4 years 173 days ago
Seems balanced to me.  /sarcasm.