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I've become a Warhammer fan with the Dawn of War series from Relic and i consume any media that has something to do with Warhammer, so I'm very happy to see that an RPG in this Setting will also see the light of day.

But first...


1. Optimization: Since I have enjoyed the Van Hellsing games, I know what to expect and so I would like to have said it. It is clear that it is still Alpha, but Van Hellsing are finished products, which could nevertheless benefit from an even better optimization, which is why I would not like to see the same here again.

2.Mission types: The current mission types are standard and correspond exactly to what is expected in the 40k universe. Only that this is not directly in the task area of an inquisitor, as he can order Space Marine orders and regiments. Each mission must have a certain aspect that pre-drives one. The investigation system is the perfect basis for this, but it must be further developed. This will be the main task of the narrators to bring as much variation as possible. The killing of enemies, may never be the main focus of an inquisitor. It is only a side issue, because much bigger goals have to be behind it.

Judging from the roadmap, there are definitely planned efforts in this direction, but these goals have to be really implemented and realized. It is not the first time that such points come too short. This is especially important for this game and for you developers because you offer us a living game world, which is also urgently necessary to maintain the fun and interest in this game. 

3. Weapons: The selection of existing weapons has exceeded my expectations, which is very good. Nevertheless, there is still need for improvement. Specially I see the melee as a little disadvantage so far. The first games I wanted to do in melee, but lost them all. Only now, by a higher character level and equipment of the rarity level rare or higher, one can use the weapons a little. The melee is so far, in my opinion, only cooperative doable, because the risk is too big at the beginning and the distance fight is simply superior. What is clearly the case in 40k, but nevertheless the Inquisitor does not have the worst equipment available. There should definitely be some balancing be done in this direction. 

4. Sound: In addition, the general soundeffects of the weapons also somewhat behind. By the Las, Melta and Plasma weapons, the sound is very good. But the bolters have to be reworked. Even with the melee weapons there is a noise at hit on an enemy, but the characteristics sounds are still missing which i hope will be implemented in time. For that I would recommend the Relic games (Dawn fo War and Space Marine)to get an additional insight into the sound of Warhammer waepons.

5. Forging: It is nice that there is a button for every rarity level, but there is still a lack of selectivity for several elements at once. Furthermore you have to press the salvage button, should also go with a mouse click or a shortcut.

6. Star map: The overview you see when you select the system should also be displayed in system. Because it is a bit nery, always to leave it to see the status.

7. Map design: The maps so far are ok and there will certainly be more to follow, but they seem a bit too sterile and monotonous. There has to be more diversity with the layout and according to the environment, much more cover or elements that show a certain character.


1. Atmosphere: The basic feeling for the setting is well brought over, but still needs to be supplemented.  I would appreciate the fact that each equipment gets a unique text about its past, as is the case in Dawn of War 2. In addition, I can only recommend, if not yet known the Dark Heresy roleplay books to look at as these can provide a perfect basis for the narrators.

2. Weapons: As I see, all basic weapon types are actually covered, but this should not be an obstacle to supplement even more. For that, I would recommend reading the Dark Heresy roleplaying books as there are a variety of weapons and armors listed that will surely bring ideas for the game.

3. Startmap: The star map is very well done as I think. Particularly the overview in the selection of the system or the planet are made very nicely, as expected in 40k.  Variety in the flavor text is important here.

4. Characters and appearance: The basic look of the character and opponents in the game is up to now well implemented. Here, especially the level of detail in  weapons and equipment play an important roll in 40k, which is hopefully already covered with the option for the appearance in the forge. Even enemys, especially bosses must also stand out from the others visibly.

5. Character equipment: The previous options fit well, but it is missing in my opinion still a slot for a Rosarius or iron halo. They provide the wearer with an additional protective field. An inquisitor should in any case have access to it. In principle, further ideas from the Dawn of War 2 [equipment options of the imperial guard  heroes] as well as the Dark Heresy books can be taken, which can provide a great source of information for this subject.

6. Opponents: The previous opponents match the current enemy picture in 40k, but more must be added to the final product. You can certainly use the Dark Heresy books, especially the Supplement Creatures Anathema.

7. Coverage System: The system itself makes a lot of sense and offers many advantages, but it has to be a bit better. A possible concept would be by pushing the cover key, the character, no matter where he stands, gets to the nearest cover, and during that one can shoot, but only single shot. Just like the disengage ability.

8. Power armour: The previously used variants are nicely implemented and complement the gameplay quite well. I certainly hope for further variations that are within the framework of the lore and which will open up further options for us players. Also it would be a nice extra, if one could adjust also the skills. With the sentry and rocket launchers, it would be nice to change the shot mode. For the Sentry, for example burst and fully automatic mode. With the rocket launcher one could choose between a wide or dense scattering.For the jump pack, short jumps but more often with lower damage and longs jumps which are implemented but with more damage.


1. Camera angle: It is definitely very good and necessary, that one can rotate the camera, but for me the angle is a bit off. It would be my wish, that one could also turn the camera frontal to the character, in order to have everything in front of him visible. Since especially on the maps with the underground installations, it is disturbing, if one is before an entrance to a new section and  the opponents can not be seen.

I have great hope for this game and I am satisfied with what has been done so far, but you have a lot in front of you, especially with the great expectation you have to face and the planned release later this year.

Because of my great background knowledge, I can only recommend to you, the books of Dan Abnett Eisenhorn and Ravenor. This stories gives a great insight, into the work of an inquisitor, and Dan also often goes into detail about the environment, which can be a good help for the level design.

As mentioned above the Dark Heresy roleplaying game books, which are in my opinion for the narrators a must read. They actually cover everything that is necessary and offer ideas for the upcoming single player campange. But also the other roleplaying games of fantasyflightgames, such as Deathwatch and Black Crusade, offer further insights that can be of great importance to the game.

If my book proposals are of interest, I can extend the list even further with relevant stories for the setting of Inquisitor - Martyr.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the not so correct english.

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Feedback for Inquisitor
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7 years 121 days ago

Just one note  since  you touched on map design.    Having stair cases or teleport pads  that  go up and  down  and turning the   flat map into a multi leveled environment   would be a big plus. IMHO  of course.

7 years 121 days ago

Some really great feedback there which I think has been echo'd by many other players. 

I'd challenge the concept that a missions primary should never be about killing, as an ARPG the core of the game is combat. Anything else detracts from the strength of the genre, irregardless of what you think a inquisitors daily routine consists of :) if this were an RPG i'd agree, but a top/down ARPG sandbox... it needs combat as a main drive as the vast majority of players won't really care what an inquisitor is so much as how hard you can smack an enemy over the head. But I would like to see some added features and / or minigames that could satisfy those who want to see more "investigation"

7 years 120 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Thank you for Appreciating my feedback.

Just by the way. You did a good job with the videos to the alpha.

Your challenge is justified and I also appreciate it. I have probably expressed myself something unclear and also forgot the "A" in ARPG which the genre of this game is. 

You are, of course, right that the genre has a higher priority and defines the ground concept of the game itself. Also it is a purely subjective way of looking at what the routine of an inquisitor may look like.

However, I am glad that you are also interested in the fact that the quest should not be limited to just the same type.

7 years 120 days ago

The points raised are in any case fundamental, which should not be missed out in the full game. If I remember correctly there was in the first video of the game announcment, at IGN I think, also a multilevel map used for the presentation.

7 years 120 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! Added to our feedback section! :)

7 years 105 days ago

Perfect feedback i can identify with. :)

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