Could not connect to the host PS4


I just bought this game because of the coop and I wanted to play it with my girlfriend. We tried connecting to one another on the multiplayer but it keeps saying, "Could not connect to the host". We tried progressing through the beginning of the story until we got to the first town to try again and see if we could connect but no luck at all. Is anyone else having this issue and if so did you resolve it and how?

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Could not connect to the host PS4
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7 years 102 days ago

The Multiplayer segment should be working now. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience and support. You can read more about the update on the following link:

7 years 136 days ago

Hi! This is a known issue and will be fixed as soon as possible! Very sorry for any inconvenience.

Although there are a few steps you can make to ensure a better chance of connecting:

  • Use a LAN cable
  • Being in the same region as the other player has a higher chance of connecting
  • Note that you can't connect players who have progressed further in the story (this is by design)
  • Players on your Friends list might have a higher chance of connecting, and being on the same network should also work flawlessly.
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