Drukhari mission 'Grim Harvest' needs some serious attention.


[SPOLIERS - if you've not played season one]

Mission one of 'Grim Harvest'.

So I've just managed to get through this terrible mission by turning down the difficultly to normal,  and rushing past everything to attack the main target.  This was after multiple attempts at my normal skill level of Impossible (+250) and figuring out what I needed to attack first.

I'm not sure if the mission timer should start when the Governor first speaks (is this the bug?) because at first, I failed this mission before he had even started speaking!

When I did finally manage to complete this mission - I had no idea what was said by the Governor, as I had to rush fight like mad just to try and complete it, would it be possible to do one of the following for this mission please:

1. Fix the bug (if it is a bug).

2. Give a little more time - and start it when the governor first speaks, this would also make more sense as well - as up till this point you're unaware you need to rush like hell.

3. Display a timer (as point 2) or a 'Door Strength' bar so we know how much time we have (even roughly!).

Considering how much fun the main campaign was, and the lead up was to this mission - it would be great if something could be done about this one, as failing a mission when you don't even know why, is simply not fun for anyone.


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Drukhari mission 'Grim Harvest' needs some serious attention.
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4 years 97 days ago
I totally agree! Tried it multiple times with a lvl 45 Melee-Assassin with PLVL 1290 on story mode (so green).

Rushing impossible because of to much incoming damage. Tried it this way, died at first Talos, times up. Even if I managed to kill the machine, there was too few time to reach the second one.

I think this is a funny mission without timer. Why is there a timer? For what? For more fun? No. For a higher difficulty? Ehm, ok yes. But I can put the mode on +600 if I need a higher difficulty. But not possible in story mode? Sorry. That's not ok.

Please fix this. I want to continue the campaign. I dont want to grind for long time until I can play the story. I haven't got that much time. Job, family and so on. Common stuff...

So please, for the sake of the many common players. We can't win this mission in this state. This makes me really sad. I just want to continue...


4 years 122 days ago
Fuck this, seriously. I just uninstalled.
4 years 122 days ago
As someone, who can´t even beat a mission on "impossible" (yes i´m not that good, but it is enough to beat everything on "normal" or "hard" ), this mission is like running against a wall.... on "normal" and even with the damage booster. I either beeing used as a punching ball for angry dark eldar or i manage to kill the first Talos, in both cases the timer runs out before i even hear the Governor speak. On the first attempts, i didn´t even know, why the mission failed. One time i sprinted through all enemys to the final target and ended up beeing slaughtered.

So, please make this mission less frustrating. If i read someone having problems with this mission and this guy considers "impossible" as his normal difficulty, i lose all hope to ever make it through this mission.