Dlc content not work for me (xbox)


All dlc content not work or not aktive for me, I have Imperium edit xbox digital version and servo scull pet. Buy 23 august. My gamertag BoooM 39. I reinstall but still not work. Please, help.

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Dlc content not work for me (xbox)
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2 years 21 days ago

as I got the information from others the bonuses may stuck in the system and a couple of reinstalls solved

Yesterday I received this answer from support about this problem. This not work for me. Wait next dicision or patch.

2 years 22 days ago
Been playing for hours still shows not available

2 years 22 days ago
Hi! I have HQ base already, but not active extras in left conor in base. I end all missions on martyr ship, now I need find medic for space marine - I need continue play in campaine? Now I play in 4th players coop.
2 years 23 days ago
You need to play some missions to access them...it's like an hour of gameplay until you get access to your "HQ base" and on the right you'll see the "Extras" console.  Just play the game.