discord server


JUST CLICK HERE: https://discord.gg/SK4sKZG

Feel free to join, I'll try to be there too and provide some support to you guys :)

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discord server
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7 years 125 days ago
Can we get a text channel for:

# offtopic

and a voice channel for:
v Support
v AFK (and set this as the server AFK channel with a timeout)

-The Scrapcodeless Aprosule

7 years 124 days ago
As soon as I can log in, I'll do that...
7 years 124 days ago
7 years 124 days ago
Thank you!
7 years 119 days ago

Great news! Thank you 

7 years 96 days ago
I have a question. Would it be okay to potentially make a thread for my own Discord server. We are aiming to bring everyone together. We are pretty a pretty established server with over 3300members. I Run the server with One administrator and a few mods and a global mod.

Cant wait to try this game :)