Different questions - season pass/dlc/season ps4


Hello Inquisitors,

I have some questions:

- for what is the season pass good for? The new small story dlc (oupost) costs money and the additional outfit/base stuff too. What do i get for the season pass? Feels like a small rip off atm

- the season has already started on pc but on console we get it in november, right?

- on pc there is a new dlc (mind plague) and they say it is the first dlc for w40kM but on ps4 we got also a  small story dlc for 5 bucks named something with outpost. It seems it is not the same. Do we get other stuff on consoles or are we just behind the pc development? Why do they say mind plague ist the first dlc?

- is the roadmap still right because there is a 404 error for 2 weeks behind the standard link (neocore/en/roadmap). Are they still working on the game?

Thx in advance im neew to this warhammer game so sorry for maybe some stupid questions.

For the emperor


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Different questions - season pass/dlc/season ps4
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1-2month between console dlc and pc dlc. Mind plague will come on console soon. (Pc version was launch before console version, that’s why)

The dlc Charybdis was a bonus for those who preorder the game on console. For others it’s not free, and NOT includes in the season pass. All futur dlc will be include in the season pass.

Roadmap link works for me, so i don’t know about your issue. And yes, they still working on the game.

(Do some research before post, all answers are here)