Sound bug on Ps4


Hello I had a bug of his no more sound on the game and on the ps4 the sound is cut that happens during the game force to leave the game to find the sound can you solve itself problem when next update

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Sound bug on Ps4
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4 years 128 days ago

It happens twice in online coop and standard mission

4 years 128 days ago

how you meant it if I may ask?
The sound cut off and only by restarting the game did it come back?
Did you play in coop? Or in any specific mission? 

4 years 128 days ago

Hello always the sound crash with patch 1.05 force to restart the game :(

4 years 145 days ago
same here random 
4 years 149 days ago

Still the same problem with the crash of the game sound and ps4 interface that happened during a simple solo mission to close the game and then restart for information I installed the patch 1.04 and my audio output is in PCM

4 years 150 days ago

We made some changes in this regard, if anyone still encounters this problem after the next patch please reply back here and if possible tell in detail what exactly has been made ingame when the sound cut off. More details would be helpful! Thanks in advance!

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4 years 153 days ago
Same her. Sound crashed several times in solo and multi. Annoying !
4 years 154 days ago
On my PS4 the speakers send out a loud BANG and the sound goes of. Happens on the brigde, ingame multiplayer, random missions... can happen everywhere. But this just have startet after the lastest PS4 System-Update. Maybe it's a problem with that? In one case my PS4 sound setup was put back to PCM instead of DTS. Strange...
4 years 155 days ago
I have the same problem. After I put my Ps4 in restmode and return to the game later, the sound is bugged. nearly no sound in the game anymore. Only a few samples. Always have to restart the whole game to fix that bug.
4 years 155 days ago

yes I restarted the game to find the sound of the game and the sound of the ps4 interface that happened several times during the phases of online co-op games while everyone was shooting

4 years 155 days ago

we made some changes regarding some sound problems.
You mean while playing the sound was cut automatically and only by restarting the game did it work again?
Did this happen more than 1 time? If yes, did it happen only in particular cases?