Games crashes shortly before entering Tarot Mission


I just tried to play a Tarot Mission and my game froze and I found myself back on the Home Screen. After restarting the game and another try the same happened. Both times the mission was loading and just when the bar was full and it should have switched from the loading screen to the mission the game froze. I could hear the teleporter and the start of the mission briefing but never got beyond the loading screen. 

Would really appreciate some help.

Nick: Maharbal

System: Xbox One

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Games crashes shortly before entering Tarot Mission
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4 years 124 days ago
It works again. Unfortunately I had the first crash while on a mission (the others all happened outside of missions). And it was during a Warzone level I was winning. I'm really hoping that won't more often.

I appreciate that you trying to get to the bottom of this.

4 years 127 days ago

Thank you for replying. I'm not a 100% sure about the Major Arcana card (I think it either was Traitor or Hoard) but the Minor Arcana cards were Hourglass and Possession. I'm playing on the Xbox One.

4 years 128 days ago

could you please recall the cards you used before entering into the Tarot mission? Also please tell me on which platform are you playing?