Dev Letter Talkthrough and analysis


Don't worry - I never went anywhere xD been waiting for something to talk about! - Finally some information is here and we can have a little discussion over what's coming up for Martyr - While the delay sucks - The lack of notice was unfortunate - But hey - At least the changes sound great. 

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Dev Letter Talkthrough and analysis
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6 years 209 days ago

Yes, I sincerely hope the Devs have learned from this experience. With that said, I'm super excited about what is coming. It's been a long time waiting but, based on previous experience, I think it will be amazing !! I feel like these guys are going to make the awesome 40k game that so many of us have wished for, for so many years now.

See you Jan 10th !!

6 years 213 days ago

Awsome Video. This is so spot on how I feel and so well put. Just hope all the jaded or confused players watch it. I hope Neocore watch it as well and get something out of it. They have done so well until this, it can only help.