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Van Helsing on Discount!


Greetings, Hunters!

If you're on Xbox One, and still don't own any of the Van Helsing games, now is the time. A 50% discount is offered for those who own a Gold membership, and not just for one title, but a bundle!

Titled the "Double Pack", this bundle includes The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing I and II, but also three DLCs: they are Arcane Mechanic, Thaumaturge and Ink Hunt. Enjoy this terrific and weird Action-RPG with the additional content, and if you're new to the series, you're looking at a ton of fun in the Holiday season with this grim and humorous adventure!

So grab your hat and sharpen your guns (wait... what?), fight hordes of enemies created by weird science, and if you're ever in danger, look for your witty ghost companion Lady Katarina, she might have a word or two.

If you still need any help, be it a somehow really meta IRL problem, contact us at [email protected]! Other than that, enjoy!

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Xbox - Deals with Gold: Van Helsing on Discount!
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