Dev Letter Talkthrough and analysis


Don't worry - I never went anywhere xD been waiting for something to talk about! - Finally some information is here and we can have a little discussion over what's coming up for Martyr - While the delay sucks - The lack of notice was unfortunate - But hey - At least the changes sound great. 

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Dev Letter Talkthrough and analysis
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356 days ago

Yes, I sincerely hope the Devs have learned from this experience. With that said, I'm super excited about what is coming. It's been a long time waiting but, based on previous experience, I think it will be amazing !! I feel like these guys are going to make the awesome 40k game that so many of us have wished for, for so many years now.

See you Jan 10th !!

360 days ago

Awsome Video. This is so spot on how I feel and so well put. Just hope all the jaded or confused players watch it. I hope Neocore watch it as well and get something out of it. They have done so well until this, it can only help.