Dear Neocore, FFS please at least fix the WZ level-RNG


Typical WZ leveling:

1.) click starmap (that serves no purpose actually)
2.) click final stage
3.) click the dropdown menu for mission lvl selection
4.) click and hold scrollbar scrolling aaaall the way down
5.) click highest available mission
6.) click start
7.) see without even opening the map (m) that this is one of the 2 "random" levels that really, really suck
8.) ESC
9.) surrender
10.) repeat 1.) to 9.) about 10 times to not roll one of those two mission that suck (and take ~10 minutes whereas the others take ~5 minutes



fix this crap already!! 

I am rerolling ON AVERAGE 3-4 times to get "not one of those 2 sucker levels", this time I had to re-roll 10 times.... TEN TIMES!

It is obvious without any doubt, even to people who do not make games for a living, that this whole concept, that is, time limit to clear mission + different rng rolls getting one of 5 different lvls where the smallest takes half the time to complete as the biggest (and really shitty made level, I need to add this, hiding mobs in a huge ass rooom in every corner that you need to run to, to complete the mission, wtf...)
... is complete and utterly bullshit.

Ignoring all the player input and not even caring for such blatantly obviously design flaws that make people who play this game wonder what the devs smoked to even come up with an "idea" like that, not to even speak of actually implementing it, passing (nonexistant) testing and (als nonexistant) QA in general...

Please... Neocore... show at least a sign that you are willing to get this game somewhere, and not wrecking it intentionally.

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Dear Neocore, FFS please at least fix the WZ level-RNG
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5 years 363 days ago
Correction - I misread some information in the dev build, the maps are still RNG but I have notified the team about this and we will work out a solution hopefully.

Sorry for my previous comment, it was misleading.

5 years 363 days ago
Posted by Megapull 5 years 364 days ago
We are already aware of the issue, next patch will fix this.

Praise the Omnissiah!

5 years 364 days ago
We are already aware of the issue, next patch will fix this.
5 years 364 days ago

Has any dev even posted or replied to anything here within the last month or so?

(announcement copy&paste aside)

I know @MEGAPULL‍ is busy posting on the steam forums, doing a good job there, but I wonder why they even have this forum if no one cares to use it?!

And even there, I have not heard of anything regarding any of the general problems of WZ from Neocore, as if they fully intend to sit this out and just ignore the not-fun-at-all-but-much-annoyance that WZ is currently.

(see this for some details: )