Bugs found with Temporal Anti Aliasing option. Ver 1.0.7


So I've found a couple of issues with the Temporal Anti Aliasing option in the settings page.

1. After playing for an hour or more large units (such as the Helbrutes) will lose their torso or even more of their body parts - at its extreme I got attacked by a pair of legs and a floating gun, also chests can be invisible - the only way you know is the A option is still displayed.

2. Severe graphic corruption, if you continue to play it can become unplayable, corpses especially seem to distort into a massive long spiky mess, along with other game objects.

So while I realise this is still an experimental function - its effect on the fidelity of the graphics is worth the effort, so if you guys can fix it, it would be awesome.  Otherwise it might be an idea to remove the option for now, as it causes quite a few problems with longer play sessions.

Windows 10 64 bit, Nvidia Gefore 980ti, 32 gig ram, Intel i7 6700k processor.

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Bugs found with Temporal Anti Aliasing option. Ver 1.0.7
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