Dark Mechanicum enemies(+art)


Hello everybody

The fight against heretics and mutants in the alpha version of the game has inspired me a bit to draw and i decided to assume what else hostile faction can fight against inquisitors in Caligari sector. I choose Dark Mechanicus. The sector has a very large presence of Mechanicus, some planets and stations under their control, they have their own forge worlds, and if sector is awash with heresy it is not surprising that there may be present of dark Mechanicus. They can come together with the Chaos Space Marines or be there initially, hiding theys presence to capture loyal forges and techno artifacts, or maybe once a loyal forge world has been for a long time cut off from the rest of the sector by warp storms and gradually turned to chaos.

in terms of gameplay it is a complete faction of high-level enemies with a full list of units from the hordes to big bosses, and even with its own environment (heretek forge)

So, as they may be? I honestly do not know :)

I see three options for the design of this fraction:
1. Traitors Mechanicus, who only recently identified their affiliation to the chaos, Take Mechanicus models from Games Workshop and add them the signs of chaos, mutations and symbols scrawled on the armor.
2. Take Horus Heresy Mechanicus from Forge World, add details, change the armor design and symbos, imagine that they are like Chaos Space Marines, they changed by warp since the time of the Horus Heresy and turned into a dark and twisted version of themselves of 10 millenia ago.
3. something very special, based on they descriptions in the books and in style of daemon engine models

Move on to the pictures. I'll start from the second variant because I really like the Mechanicus models of Forge World production

(note that it is not ready concept arts, only sketches they will be much nicer in the final )

Heretek thrall 

this is an ordinary soldier, an analogue of the mutant with a gun, but a more powerful and dangerous and armed with mitralock, laser shotgun. I knew it is necessary to redraw the head and work with armor details, and maybe add some melee implant or mutation instead of the left hand. also supposed ranged varinant with las-lock and mechanical legs


It can be in destructor and secutor versions, analogue of large mutant with an axe
very crude sketch,need to finish various parts, tentacles, armor decor and a lot of things

Servo automata

horde like nurglings that can repaire allies and attack the player, left version based on biomechanical conversion of Tyranid spore what I saw on the Internet, and the right version from the classic World Forge servo automata, I can not decide which one to finish

Should I continue in this direction, or better try other variants?

Please comment, offer your own versions of units and design, perhaps with your aid I can create something good:)

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Dark Mechanicum enemies(+art)
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7 years 91 days ago
And here i sit, not even able to draw a potato properly q.q

Excellent draws, would love to see more.

7 years 92 days ago
Very nice :)
7 years 92 days ago
I like. Keep up the good work.
7 years 92 days ago
Awesome concept art! I really enjoy seeing people put time and effort into reaching out to the Devs. Have a Bump + 1000!
7 years 92 days ago

This is some awesome concept art. I think this idea would be a good addition. You really went into detail with them too which is a nice touch. Here's a bump for you. If you would kindly take a look at my thread as well. Would love your input! +1