Ranged weapons vs. meele weapons


Hi there,

Just a discussion starter how the weapon ballance should look like in the game.

The varietyof weapons is already awesome :) Great work :)

I saw that the in-game survey had also a question about the weapons. And to be honest, I think the game is currently favoring the long range weapons (I know, it's early stage, but I'm sure the devs and game designer can use always a little bit of extra pool for ideas ) :)

(In VanHelsing, this is pretty good ballanced, so I'm sure, the guys will manage this here as well.)

1. Meele weapons:

So basically the basic gameplay features mostly separated groups of enemies where you have always a few meter or few secounds time to regenerate or take a breath until you get to the next group. And the mobs are mostly ranged enemies.

Therefor the ranged weapons which have a precision attack mode and also an area denial mode (Bolter, Heavy bolter, Plasma Cannon, GarvGun)  are way more effective than meele weapons and/or short range guns like shotguns.


a.)  Because most meele weapons are less effective agains bigger crowds.

Possible Solution?

- Some meele weapons already have an AoE attack. These could be buffed in the terms of area affected

- Add a weapon throw like ability to some 1 handed meele weapon.

- Add some kind of active ability to cast on self, like: Use psyhic power to rotate the weapon around you like a wirlwind to hit every enemy surrounding you (But I don't know how it would fit in the WH40K lore and universe)

b.) You have to get close to the enemies and in the mean time you get shot.

Possible solution?

- Maybe add some kind of ability to meele weapons to get instantly close to the enemie. (Leap/Dash/warp to the enemy and strike)

- Or add some kind of deffensive ability for the time you get in meele range: 

     - 2Handed Hammers: raise the hammer in fron of you to generate an energy shield which absorbs shots

    - Some kind of channeler parry ability

    - Shields: Add a feature to some shields to hold it in front of you and generate a big shield bubble or just mitigate the attacks on a bigger level while channeling a skill.

2. Energy based weapons:

Some of them are pretty cool like the Gravigun and Lascannon

But there are weapons like the Melta gun which is overheating after 4 shots and has a very long recharging time.

There is no benefit for using it currently.

3. Close quarter guns/shotgun:

Deals far less damage to a close enemy than the bolter but has less range.

The spread of the bolter covers also the spread of the shotgun, so basically the bolter is a better shotgun.


- Add a bigger damage on lefcklick on close range

- Add 1 ability to shoot a concentrated shell which is high damage but minimal spread.

- It would be a perfect elite enemy killer if it would have also a focusing ability to shoot down a limb or head of an enemy. :)

What do you guys think?

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Ranged weapons vs. meele weapons
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6 years 95 days ago
I've been focusing on using just melee weapons and they are severely lacking.

 There's no reason to use anything besides power sword for non armor and thunder hammer for armor. 

Chain sword 1h/2h - no point. power sword does it better and I get a shield for aoe knockback.

Power axe - armor break doesn't seem to do anything? weaker than power sword, awful against armored.

1h hammer - I have 2h hammer.

2h sword - not as good as 1h+ shield awful against armor.

when I tried melee + pistol i felt I was wasting my time when I wasn't shooting the pistol.

The combat pace of the whole game is incredibly slow I feel like a snail plodding along from one group of enemies to the next. The jump pack is also disappointing as I cannot use it as often as I'd like, I can't jump over any obstacles with it, constantly gets stuck on said obstacles, and it's response from button push to activation is poor (this applies to all abilities though).

With the limitation of two/four abilities per weapon and an entirely passive skill tree the melee in this game just does NOT represent what warhammer 40k melee combat should be which is fast, brutal, and mobile.

As far as being warhammer 40k the only part of the game I feel represents warhammer 40k so far is the art. Combat is no different than any other top down hack and slash and the variety between weapons is poor. Choosing a weapon boils down to whether or not it can damage armor as the abilities are just single target/cleave/distance closer/weird channel attack that doesn't work well.

Quite a few studios are jumping on the 40k bandwagon and pretty much all of the games released so far are crap. Unless there are some big changes to the combat system I honestly do not think this game will be an exception.

6 years 95 days ago
Nice write-up, added this to our feedback section.
6 years 96 days ago
i think that you need to try something and then come back to this thread.

go respec your skill tree to critical strike (respeccing is done by going into the skill tree (K) left clicking on a skill you have already purchased, then right click on it)

pick up a power axe and a plasma pistol

run strait at enemy and spam all 4 attacks

find dreadnought or decimator and count how long it takes to kill it (spamming all 4 attacks)

return and report on how OP certain melee builds are