Customization PLans?


Is there any official word on how extensive character customization will be in the final release, and, if so, what exactly it will involve? I have a Dark Heresy character I'd -love- to make in this game, but, build-wise, she only fits the melee Crusader, so I'd love to have the option to at least swap genders there.

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Customization PLans?
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4 years 198 days ago
I would love to see customization for my characters.  Especially..... if at some point, we would be able to choose which ordos to go with.  Ordo xenos, ordo hereticus, etc.   I realize that so far all our foes are chaos.  But at some point, I figure it will eventually be expanded so that you will be fighting other foes of the imperium, and will thus choose an ordos for your inquisitor to belong to.  This choice could then, later on, affect what missions you got to choose from, or even affect what options you had for gear or even access to allies and traders...

But this is all speculating far, far into the future.  Loving the game so far.

4 years 199 days ago
Swapping gender is huge one for me, I'm also hoping for a D3 style transmog but I can live without that.
4 years 200 days ago
I love the idea of being able to earn battle honors to hang off your armor and see those rendered in game similar to how the Astartes do. Like a visual achievement system.
4 years 200 days ago

So how about comfirmation about the night lords chaos legion? ;)

4 years 200 days ago
There will be numerous customization options, some of them will be implemented even during the founding. Sadly, I can't say much - you'll have to wait a bit :)
4 years 201 days ago
I Hope there will be cost. Shoulderpads, Helmets and Insignien. The color will be complicated, cause the Inquisition has no big color choices.

I want the Helmets most.