Camera angles


After playing i noticed a  restriction in the camera that really bugged me.   You could hold down the center mouse and  spin the  camera  or  scroll it to zoom in or out but. there was no way to adjust the camera angle so that you can see  farther down field rather than virtually looking straight down and once enemies are on the screen it's too late to react.   The radar  says there are enemies but you can't see that  far with the  camera until your already in the masher between them all.    what i would love is being able to lower the camera and put it just beside or over the head of the  players character so you can play the game like a  third person strategic shooter.

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Camera angles
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5 years 161 days ago
5 years 167 days ago
Thanks for your feedback! The camera will get adjusted a bit over time, first I think we will add bindable keys to rotate the camera.