Can someone tell what INQ actually is?


I got this email pointing me here because I probably signed up at some random point having and entire mechanized 4th ultramarines company and enough imperial guard I have to trim for an Apocalypse level game and an imperial gothic ,customozed with rare earth magenets on those stupid breaky stems, fleet bigger than the real one; but before i devote time or money, i freaking would like to see some gameplay. Trailers get the blood pumping but i have no idea if this is a FPS, mmorpg, open world rpg like fallout and elder scrolls.

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Can someone tell what INQ actually is?
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7 years 81 days ago

When you ask for Gameplay, let me post some of my own videos then;

A video about the Road Map (when to expect the things Vikingvesk talked about) - presented with some gameplay of the Melee Crusader in the background:

And here is a video with some ranged gameplay, featuring the brand new Grav Gun and Grenade Launcher - on a Ground mission :)

And lastly, but not least, my good buddy AirsickHydra is doing a lot of videos on the Lore of the game world and other rant videos which is definitely a watch worthy;

7 years 81 days ago
Think about it as a diablo type kind of game in the warhammer40K universe.

You play as an inquisitor and when the game is done you will have a entire subsector with heretics to subdue.
There will be a single player mission based option, random generated missions and investigations ( mini campaigns )
You will have your own fortress that you can customize and use it in a pvp like style.

There will be content after launch that shapes the subsector in terms of missions, threats and rewards.
(  Insurgence of nurgle worshippers are spreading if enough players work together to stop it it wont spread and if not nurgle will be stronger in that section of the subsector )

There will be three classes, but for now there is only one named the crusader.
He has access to weapons like grav guns, meltas, power swords, grav guns, autoguns and more.

For now this is in an early alpha state and while it is enjoyable it is light on content.
It is in my eyes a very raw diamond and we are here to temper it in the fire and make it the best 40k game ever.

Hope this answer helped! 

7 years 81 days ago
It is an isometric ARPG similar to path of exile, diablo, kinda get the figure now right?