Online, with group activity with 4 players, the game keeps crashing.

It's been over a month since this shyte has started, numerous people complain about it, and all we are getting back in reply "it's your computer" ... Bullshit.  

Loved playing the game, but I'm on the verge of asking for a refund for such an unstable game, and it is not enjoyable since we can not get together in group activities, and when we do, only one person can run (group lead), and the rest of us just twiddle our thumbs.

suggestion:  Since all this shyte started when the offline version was launched, resort back to before that launch.

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37 days ago

Yes, offline mode brought with itself a couple lingering issues unfortunately. It's definitely on our side to fix. We were able to track down a couple issues similar to the one you describe, but we still need to work on some further fixes as well. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you for your report!