Crafting Power Sword


I crafted 2 Mk II Power Swords and, found the following discrepancy.

Once crafted the item was described as just a power sword, with no reference to the Mk II (this could be as designed).

However, the blueprint showed the sword as having 6-9 attack and 3-6 deflection. When both swords were crafted they only had an attack value and, no deflection.

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Crafting Power Sword
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5 years 312 days ago

Maybe you should check out what the crafting blueprint says, because mine states deflect, but of course you could have a different version then the rest of us. I am assuming that you do have at least the option to craft the standard power sword.

5 years 312 days ago
Grey Knight

Maybe you are mistaking it with Attack and Defense values that vaguely describe item's offensive and defensive capabilities?  Since swords have no innate defensive stats, they can get Defense value only if they roll a specific enchantment. 

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5 years 313 days ago

Thanks for the reply. However, the blue print states that the power sword will have an attack and deflect value within defined ranges and, neither had any deflect value; these are not skills.

5 years 314 days ago

When using normal blueprint all enchantments are randomly generated. But when you use MK blueprint, some (or all of them) are defined.  For example, Main Implant Mark III is always generated with +HP/sec and +% Deflect enchantments. Only one enchantment out of 3 on that item is random.