Targeting Problem near "Map Modules"


If i try to target something near Doors, it often happenes that the Shot goes somewhere else.

And on the Planetary Missions near the connectors between the Map Modules, Enemies are very often not targetable. Am over them with the Cursor and dont get them targeted. Only AE Effects hit them there. Standard Enemies are not much of a problem, but when too much of them stand there, they fire you in the ground. Had a Hellbrute (or similar) on such a Spot. And he didnt move a long time, and with no chance to fire at him, that really sucks. 

The same somtimes happens on the Groud Mission also, on these small Hills, where you can go left or right up/down. Enemies standing there, or comming for/after you are not targetable. 

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Targeting Problem near "Map Modules"
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7 years 115 days ago

It seems that game prefers to target what is on top of your cursor. And due to bad camera view, you often target walls and columns instead of enemies or ground behind those objects. I think game should clip a far larger part of obscuring terrain, not in your closest vicinity. Without that you can't shoot at long range most of time as enemies are either hidden by terrain or outright untargetable.

7 years 117 days ago

I've had these issues as well. Also have a strange issue on interior missions where one of the little nurglings will run at me and start swinging it's little arm blade, but never connecting and I can target it, but I can't hit and kill it and it just stands there swinging it's blade, but doesn't chase me. 

7 years 118 days ago

Well the   hidden enemies can  be fixed by making the  sides of doors and big  rocks  in  planetside  work as cover. Also the enemies  clip through the walls  so they can shoot through thing you cannot which is a issue. As for your main issue i have had that  too i am going through a door an my shots  go way up above me like they are shooting the frame of the door and nowhere near where they should be  hitting.