Crafting: Crafted result does not equal expectations


Hi all,

I have a level 41 account and an Inquisitor level of 1,050 (I think I got that right). I have a Purple Stealth armor plan and I created it but I was rather disappointed in the end result and here's why.

My current stealth armor (I'm a sniper assassin) is level 126.

The crafting station indicated the Purple crafted armor would range from 128 - 138 (By default, the worst result would be an increase so awesome!)

When my item completed it was 126.... The exact same thing happened with a Purity Seal, Grenade and Rifle. I'm at a point in the game where the majority of the gear dropping isn't an upgrade BUT when I looked at the crafting station I had noticed the Purple plans had level ranges which all indicated upgrades. My immediate thoughts where this is either bugged or never bother with it again as it will never yield the results I expected. I do however plan to grind it out and test the enhancement features.

Edit: I label this as a bug as the indicated item range for the crafted item was wrong in my case. If it says 128 - 138 the item should be within that range. A value less or greater is wrong so regardless of my understanding of the system this 'range' needs to be investigated.

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Crafting: Crafted result does not equal expectations
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6 years 32 days ago
Max itemlevel is 40 for now(maybe they wil lincrease it in the future)

The shown PR in the tooltip of the Crafting recipe is shown incorrectly whatsoever.

The Only items that you can upgrade beyond that is relic with fusion

6 years 32 days ago
Inquisitor Thaddeus
Hi Thaddeus,

I understand the system scales with our level and I'm ahppy it does so we don't have to continuosly collect 'newer' plans. My point is however, the range the plan provides should also 'scale' properly. If the plan 100% intended to create a level 126 item (Again, outside of the 128 - 138 range it gave me), it should had 'scaled' and said it would create a 126 level it (Or the range should had adjusted to say 118 to 128 or something.

6 years 32 days ago
so it scales with our level