Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.2.3 - May 28


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor have been released. The updates will be applied automatically after your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

New Features

New Event: Skulls for the Skull Throne 4 

Conclave operatives have learned about a new-fangled scheme of the Archenemy dubbed the "Skull Tithe". Vile agents known as "Skull Procurators", wielding previously unseen warp-symbols have been unleashed to reap skulls for the mysterious ritual.

In response, the Conclave has issued a special implant designed to gather data about this threat. When equipped, it enables its user to identify and tell apart these malefactors from their generic brethren. It will also analyze kill data from the sensorium feed and provide valuable insight to both the user and the noospheric cogitator network.

We expect all Throne Agents to supply their assigned implant with data to its maximum storage capacity.

New Void Crusade: Azure

  • Enemy factions: Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Khorne
  • New mechanics: Gain stacking damage and defense bonuses with each completed mission, and defeat the Chaos Knight at the end!

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred in Void Crusade
  • Players will no longer stuck in systems which was caused by using Intels before they unlocked the whole Subsector
  • Fixed an issue where the notification of upgraded Tarot cards were not displayed on the screen
  • Fixed a loot chance issue where players sometimes did not receive the correct amount of loot in missions
  • Fixed a Psalm code Doctrine with the following effect: All AoE attacks affect a 30% smaller area but gain +150% Damage
  • The Mitigator component did not restore suppression properly. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the tooltip icons of the Battle Dance passive skill and the Hasten passive skill
  • From now on all the Fortified Zones will be indicated from the start on the map in Siege missions and it does no longer matter in what order one captures the targets
  • From now on the effects of the Enhanced Effect mastery will be properly displayed under all non-damaging power as well
  • From now on the maximum lives one can obtain in missions with Tarot cards applied on are 4
  • The Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed has been slightly balanced to make it more easily doable


  • Tarot cards could not be applied onto missions in case they could be upgraded. This has been fixed

QoL changes

  • A 'Salvage all relic items' option has been implemented under the 'Salvage' tab
  • A 'Sell all relic items' tab has been implemented in the inventory


  • Deleted two scores from the Maelstrom of Carnage and the City of Suffering leaderboards as these were acquired by fraud

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Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.2.3 - May 28
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3 years 175 days ago
Thanks Hope all goes well then
3 years 175 days ago
A new patch will get released on console within 2 weeks if things go well.
3 years 177 days ago
when are you guys going to update ps4 console my game shows 2.1.0 ver We only have 3 void crusades to play. For a maxed level player would love more to do in the game.
3 years 183 days ago
Well, I´m all into this event and liking it as it should.

And yes, it is grindy. And some says, too grindy. Well, some Events aren´t supposed to be easy. They are supposed to be hard.

I played today for about 9 hrs with some breaks inbetween. Got 15 of those Skulls pts. Which I´m satisfied with. Will I be able to complete and get all 100 pts? The next 14 days will show I guess. I hope I get all.

After I was done playing, I decided to go to the Steam forum and check some posts.

And when I was seeing through the posts I saw one, checked it and what the heck... One was actually saying it took only 5 hours grinding in Warzone on Lvl 91 or so, to get to all 100 max Pts.

Is this just some kind of funny joke, or is it seriously possible to do this? And in some cases I must say I find this very annoying and a bit irritating in fact if it is.

Events are supposed to be Challenging. They are supposed to be difficult to actually achieve. Well, at least some of the Events are supposed to be harder then most. But what the .... Cmon, seriously. 5 Hrs?

Events are supposed to be fun, hard and challenging. And when an Event is given, say, 3 weeks, one is supposed to actually work for it, within those 3 weeks, since it should actually perhaps most likely be able to do so.

And then reading such things. It´s not really that funny.

3 years 183 days ago
Is this fix going to allow ps4 to be able to coop without massive rubberbanding, screen freezes? Not the internet, running hirewired 100mb connection, I was hosting. Or just planning to still ignore ps4 players?

Heck give ill toss cash at you to fix this base game bug that was not fixed with the dlc even.

3 years 184 days ago
@BOSSONOVA‍ yes, the event will come to console too but in this month another event will arrive to Xbox and PS4. :)

@CRUXSHADOW‍ on what platform you are playing and what is the error message you receive? Do you still experience the problem as of now?
@SNAKEFISTIFSO‍ due to the recent PC issues the event prolonged. It will end a week later than planned (good to see you here by the way).

3 years 185 days ago
I haven't been able to sign on to the servers for the last two days, are the servers down?
3 years 187 days ago
Well, I've played ~1h today and got 12 skulls. There's like 12 days left. Not like everyone is entitled to get reward, some stuff needs to be earned...

I don't particularly enjoy 'sell all relics' option. Thing is, there is not enough stash-space on ship, and each of my character carries a bunch of items - relics or better. 

It's hoarding, I know, but could the stash space on ship be larger? In Van Helsing, we had 7 pages for our stuff and junk, each like twice the size it is here... Can this be implemented? Increased stash?

3 years 188 days ago
has this update hit the xbox one console?  thanks boys and keep up the great work....
3 years 188 days ago
Why are these event always SO grindy? I played for over 3 1/2 hours today and I got 12 of the event enemies. I do like the idea of these event, but not that I have to commit myself to play matryr for days and hours upon hours to achieve sucess in those events. Everything feels just grindy about matyr these days. :(
3 years 188 days ago
The event will likely to arrive mid-June.

@ANDY2528‍ we are closing the gap between the PC and console versions but the next Xbox patch will arrive in June.

3 years 188 days ago
How many weeks/months is xbox behind pc with this game? This is the first update since i started and games i play are usually 3 weeks to 3 months behind and i really need that tarot card fix.
3 years 188 days ago

Guyz you can check plans here

3 years 188 days ago
Is the update for xbox happening right now? I cant actually fi d any information on when it's being updated??
3 years 188 days ago

When is Hidden Foes being released??

3 years 188 days ago
Probably yes, but the next event coming to console will be another one: 'Hidden Foes'.
3 years 188 days ago
Will this new event appear on consoles as well?

3 years 189 days ago
Lots of good bug fixes, interested to check out the new event. I would love more detailed resources in game for things like void crusades and psalm ​doctrines, it can be hard to remember which crusades have different factions. Keep up the great work! ​​​