Various QoL improvements


Hi, since I reached lv100 I began to think about some areas of improvement and I'd like to provide my humble opinion.

  1. I was wondering if it would be possible to consider (or it is already in development) some kind of QoL improvements for storage of items like void shards, archeotech shards, psalm-codes and/or intel missions: I'm thinking specifically of dedicated storage pages to save a great amount of space for equipment (I have a full page occupied by psalms and archeotech shards).
  2. Another suggestion would be to make the Magos Biologis to provide the effects of the various consumables instead of having dedicated items: this would make the poor Metrodora more useful (Omicron has already a ton of functions, salvaging, crafting, modifying, forging etc.) and it would contribute to save a substantial amount of storage space.
  3. About re-rolling enchants: would it be possible to have a system like the one of Diablo 3, where once you re-roll the enchant you always have the option to keep the current enchant in case the alternative(s) would be not desiderable? This could help to save a lot of precious sparks.
  4. This is the least realistic one, but I'd really like to have a way to save build templates to have more freedom in experimenting different setups; perhaps, the most radical way to easily achieve this would be to scrap the Mind Reset consumable and make respec free (for me it is essentially already like this, I have something like 200-250+ Mind Resets and it's more of a hassle to use one of them every time I want to change just 1 or 2 points).

Thank you, and keep up all the good work :) this game is great and I think it has still a lot of potential!

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Various QoL improvements
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2 years 232 days ago

About the 4th suggestion, I understand that having build templates would be too much of an effort, but I was thinking, what about the suggestion of making respeccing free? At this time, once you get to max level you have hoarded lots of Mind Resets from missions to the point that it completely invalidates their function of "gold sinking" (other that the fact that there is already a perfect gold sink mechanism in the form of re-rolling properties of items, so their contribution would be negligible anyway) and a leveling character would be much more free in experimentation while getting new gear and looking for a fun build to play; besides, they're even not so difficult to get, considering that you can straight buy them from Ragna, so really I don't see many points in having them at all honestly: I consider them only as a "time sink", but considering that time is a much more valuable resource for the players than millions (or even billions) of virtual credits, I would not be sad to see them gone for good.

2 years 233 days ago
That's great to hear, thank you very much :) hoping to see many other improvements in the future even on crafting and passive trees anyway!
2 years 233 days ago
The first two suggestions have been added to our suggestions list but the 3rd while the 3rd will not get implemented and the 4th would require a great amount of work and some serious changes on our backend as well (I personally wanted it as well).