Implement an easier way to browse Starmap?


Currently, when you are browsing the Starmap looking for a specific mission/enemy type (see current event), it takes a lot of time to look through all the systems one by one, mainly because of the map animation.
You zoom all out. You zoom in on a subsector. You zoom into a system. Check missions, Zoom out. Zoom in. Check missions. zoom out. Zoom in. Every zoom is an animation, making the process quite tedious. I suspect the zooming animation hides some kind of loading, as the game sometimes stutters during the animation.
I suggest adding an option to turn this amination on/off, replacing it with a static change of the maps.
If the animation cannot be removed or replaced, I suggest adding a mission list to each subsector (maybe as a button and a list that you can open).
A third suggestion would be a tooltip with a mission list (mission type, level, enemy type) that appears when you hover your mouse over a system in the subsector map.

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Implement an easier way to browse Starmap?
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2 years 241 days ago
Yeah it has to be loading. Specifically because travel between star systems involves "warp travel" which would be a lot different than passing through a white tunnel. Load times I find aren't totally brutal, but they are bad. Particularly since everything has to load, even the simple command bridge. Probably due to the DMR aspect of it.