Content Update for Inquisitor - Season of the Warp Surge | December 9


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

Season of the Warp Surge is here!



After extinguishing the Inferno, a new threat looms on the horizon. Season of the Warp Surge, the latest content update for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor is here! Heretics are still rampaging across the Caligari Sector, and an agent of the Emperor is needed to investigate - and strike down on - them. Be careful where you step, though! Warp anomalies might pop up anywhere, and, by the nature of the Warp, you'll never know what will happen next. Will you be granted power beyond measure, or will you have to face enemies of immense strength?

A full overview of the new Season features can be found here - make sure to check it out to see the new mechanics, objectives and more.

Based on your feedback about our previous seasonal ladder, we've also reworked several things, including the co-op experience, the inventory, and Tarot Cards. Curious to find out more? Read the patch notes below!

Patch 2.3.4

New features

  • Co-Op matchmaking got removed and replaced by a reworked Recruitment panel:
  • Using Recruitment will allow players to create their own lobbies
  • In order to launch a Co-op mission at least 2 players are required to be in a lobby
  • The host of the lobby can set the following:
    • The minimum player level. Players below that level won't be able to join
    • The name of the lobby
    • The mission type (Tarot, Intel, Warzone and Starmap missions along with Priority Assignments can be set)
    • The difficulty level of the mission - 6 different levels available
  • Lobbies won't be disbanded after the players return to the Command Bridge from a mission
  • Two new Stasis Casket tabs will be available for players
    • One tab will be granted upon completing Tier 3 in Season of the Warp Surge
    • The other one will be granted if one links their in-game account with their Neocore Account. If one already has their accounts linked, this tab will automatically appear in their Stasis Casket
  • By pressing Ctrl + Mouse2, even a full stack of Tarot Card consumables can be activated immediately. This is indicated in the tooltip of the cards as well.
  • The level 70 restriction on Starmap missions was removed. Mission level will now scale up to level 107 and the maximum mission level reachable with Tarot cards will be 118
  • Intel missions can now be abandoned on the Mission Deployment window
  • From now on, clicking on locked features under the Modify tab will redirect the player to the Tech Tree and the corresponding Tech option will be highlighted
  • The Mission Deployment level cap has been changed. It will be accessible right after the five tutorial missions
  • The Void Crusades' minimum level requirement has also been changed:
    • They will be accessible after reaching level 35
    • Void Shards will start dropping after reaching level 30
    • After unlocking Void Crusades, players will be granted 5 Void Shards of the same type (the type will be randomly decided) so they will be able to launch their first Crusade right away
  • Changed the display of various Killstreak bonuses

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed various problems related to reconnecting to missions after a disconnect. The problem with reconnecting to other players' Co-Op party was also fixed
  • Fixed an issue where Archeotech items could drop without a relic enchant on them
  • Fixed an issue where various objects could be highlighted which caused targeting problems primarily with Channeled skills
  • The Power Sword's Wide Strike now properly applies on-hit effects
  • Fixed an issue under the Extras panel which did not let players purchase certain cosmetic items for Fate points and they received a Transaction error message
  • The Meme Virus consumable's effect was not indicated on the Mission Briefing Window. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Wandering Servoskull did not spawn in the Amber and Viridian Crusades
  • Fixed the Volkite Psalm which did not increase DoT duration
  • Fixed the Haemotoxins DoT passive skill which did not increase DoT duration
  • After meeting Inquisitor Korax, he repeated a sentence in our conversation with him. This has been corrected
  • The enchant "Gain Focused state when using a channeled ability" did not work with the Greatsword's Spinning Blow skill. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a Starmap mission on which the character could not access one of the Mortars to deactivate it
  • Fixed an issue where the non-seasonal System Protectors' name appeared under their seasonal counterparts. It was only a name-display problem, the rewards were gained by those players who reached this title
  • Removed the Seeds of Corruption DLC from the Priority Assignment list for those players who don't own it



  • Cooldown reduction soft cap/hard cap reduced to 40/60%
  • Switching weapons no longer triggers cooldown
  • The Sicarian Augmentics's (Movement tree) unlock requirement has been changed. Now players can unlock it after reaching a certain level with their characters. The requirement varies between the various sub-classes (from level 14 to level 17)
  • The speed of switching weapons is increased (by about 50% for Assassin, and 35% for Crusader)
  • Considerably reduced unlock requirements for many Ancient Relic item enchants
  • Duplicated Psalm-Codes within the same item will provide their benefit only once. Psalm Doctrines that require multiple of the same psalm are still working
  • Numerous tooltips were corrected or changed to better represent the actual behavior or make things more clear and understandable

DoT changes

  • DoTs now stack up to 5 stacks
  • DoT stack numbers will be displayed on enemy units
  • Suppression damage of DoTs also ticks every 0.5 seconds
  • Skills with longer cooldown apply multiple stacks of DoTs on one hits to compensate faster skills' DoT applying capabilities


  • Critical strike: The Critical Strike tag was reworked and now it gives 25% Critical damage instead of 10% Critical Chance
  • Shocked: Movement speed reduction reduced from 30% to 15%. Damage reduction reduced from 30% to 20%. Duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
  • Slowed: Duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
  • Stunned: Default duration reduced from 3 to 1 second

Passive skills


  • Multiple tooltips have been updated to better reflect actual behavior
  • Removed "for skills with longer than 1 second CD" from as many skills as possible

Astartes Combat Training (Melee Combat tree)

  • Basic 1.5% damage bonus increased to 3%
  • Scion Sniper Training (Ranged Combat tree)
  • Basic 1.5% damage bonus increased to 3%
  • Sustained fire: Barrage charge removed as it is no longer relevant

Arbites Shock Tactics (Debuffs tree)

  • Disorient : Now applies only to Knockdown effects
  • Transfer strain: Now provides -0.5 per Debuff instead of -1

Venenum Toxin Mastery (Damage over Time tree)

  • Caustic Reagents now properly applies to all DoT types

Art of the Death Cults (Critical Hits tree)

  • Retaliation: Changed from 5% and 10% to 3% and 7% Critical Chance but turned into Supreme
  • Unfettered Precision: Critical chance reduced from 5% to 3%

Catachan Survival Training (Suppression tree)

  • Defiance : behavior changed to 10 Suppression Damage Reduction to better fit the theme of the tree
  • Basic "1.5% damage bonus when Suppression status is Protected" increased to 3%

Sicarian Augmentics (Movement tree)

  • Basic 3% CD reduction for skills that have at least 1 second CD reduced to 1.5%
  • Psychic Prod: Behavior changed to 0.2 seconds from 10% on Psychic Weapon Skill use
  • Cerebral Feedback: Behavior changed to 0.1s from remaining cooldown instead of percentage
  • Quickening: Now gives 15% Movement speed down from 20%
  • Synaptic Rewiring: CD reduced from 10 to 5%
  • Evasive Bionics: Damage reduction / stack reduced from 3 to 2
  • Blessed Ruination's behavior changed: Cooldown Recovery Speed equal to missing HP %

Hospitaller Curia Doctrines (Support tree)

  • Basic Inoculator cooldown reduction increased from 5% to 10%
  • Grenade Mastery: Starting charge count bonus increased from 1 to 2
  • Inoculator Augmentation: Increased effect from 20 to 25%
  • Mine Mastery: Starting charge count bonus increased from 1 to 2

Secutarii Siege Axioms (Defense Tree)

  • Combat Stance and Optimal Concealment changed place
  • Trans-Empyric Phasing: Invulnerability duration reduced from 3 to 1.5 sec

Anatomical Knowledge (Physical Attacks tree)

  • Basic 1.5% Physical damage bonus increased to 3%
  • Magos Biologis Secrets (Health tree)
  • Cellular Stimulus bonuses increased from 10 to 15
  • Warp Heat Converter: gained Suppression reduced from 25 to 15
  • Vascular Pumps: gained Suppression increased from 25 to 35

Phosphoenic Rites (Heat Attacks tree)

  • Volatile Output: Behavior changed to give +15 base damage for heat skills up from 15% damage bonus
  • Witchfire Symbiotics: Heat damage bonus increased from 2% to 3%

Benedictions of Omniscience (Construct Defense tree)

  • Basic Damage Reduction values increased from 1% to 2%
  • Reinforced Construct: Construct HP gained per reserve increased from 0.2% to 0.3%
  • Warding Electoos: Damage Reduction increased from 3% to 7%

Anathemas of Omniscience (Construct Offense tree)

  • Basic damage for Melee and Ranged attacks increased from 5 to 10%
  • Binaric Sacrament: Construct Damage per reserve increased from 0.2% to 0.3%
  • Executor Data Tether: Behavior changed from 100 HP / kill to 5% HP on kill
  • Hypnagogic Feedback: 5 HP/hit changed to 1% HP on hit
  • Suppressive protocol: Suppression damage bonus increased from 10% to 20%
  • Last Stand Protocol: Damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
  • Might of the Legio: Damage bonus increased from 5% to 8% per Construct

Radical Path tree

  • Radical Istvaanism: Damage bonus / % missing HP increased from 0.1% to 0.5%
  • Touched by the Empyrean: Increased Warp damage bonus from 10% to 40%
  • Warp Adaptation: Increased chance from 10 to 25%

Enhanced Corpus (Single DPS tree)

  • Basic damage bonus increased from 1.5% to 3%
  • Basic Suppression Damage bonus increased from 1.5 to 3%
  • Myo-Encasing: Melee Damage bonus increased from 4% to 8%
  • Ocular Implant: Ranged Damage bonus increased from 4% to 8%
  • Purgative Protocols: Damage bonus increased from 10% to 15 %

Krieg Support Doctrines (Area Effects tree)

  • Basic damage bonus increased from 1.5% to 3%
  • Basic Suppression damage bonus increased from 1.5% to 3%
  • Optimal Dispersion: Damage bonus increased from 1% to 3%
  • Surgical Carnage: Melee damage bonus increased from 4% to 7%
  • Exloading Rites: Ranged damage increased from 4% to 7%
  • Master Grenadier: Damage bonus increased from 20% to 50%
  • Implosion: Damage bonus increased from 20% to 25%
  • Aftershock: Warp damage bonus increased from 10 to 20%
  • Eradicative Protocols: Remaining Cooldown Reduction reduced from 4-8% to 2-4 % respectively


  • From now on multiple monster groups will drop increased loot. The changes will apply to "Boss" type enemies too. Also adjusted every type of enemy to be able to drop at least Relic items as well as other valuable items like shards
  • Improved socket generation and Archeotech Shard - Doctrine drop generation, it is much more likely to get socketed items, and better socket distribution
  • Level 90+ items now can be acquired via loot from level 90+ missions
  • Hidden All-rewards modifier for turning missions into Tarot missions moved onto the Tarot cards themselves, increasing every tarot card's all reward modifier by 30%
  • Loot quality now increases the number of enchants and sockets rolled onto an item

Attribute changes


  • Warfare
    • Demolition: Damage Bonus increased from 25% to 35%
    • Beast Lore: Damage Bonus increased from 15% to 50%
  • Toughness:
    • HP and Suppression / point increased from 40 to 50
    • Fortitude: Physical resist increased from 10 to 15
    • Absorption: Damage Reduction increased from 5% to 10%
  • Virtue
    • Unbending: Changed to Suppression Damage Reduce with a value of 10%
    • Juggernaut: Damage bonus increased from 10% to 35%


  • Accuracy
    • Counter-blow: Behavior changed from 5 Suppression on kill to 0.5% Suppression on hit
    • Euphoria: Behavior changed from 5 Hp on hit to 0.5% HP on hit
    • Overdrive: Damage bonus increased from 10% to 60%
  • Survival
    • HP and Suppression / point increased from 20 to 30
    • Carnophagia: Changed from 40 HP / kill to 1% HP per kill


  • Force
    • Ethereal Drain: Damage increased from 10% to 25%
    • Astral Bleed: Damage increased from 5% to 20%
  • Resilience
    • Counter-blow: Suppression gain/ hit increased from 5 to 20
    • Quickening: Now gives 7% Dodge instead of Movement speed
    • Bio-Resist: All resist increased from 3% to 6%
  • Psy Focus
    • Instead of Critical Strength, it gives 0.05% Max Warp Heat regen per point
    • Daemonbane: Damage increased from 5% to 30%
    • Attunement: Warp Heat decreased from -3 to -2 per hit

Character page

  • The Critical Hit stat's description got updated to represent its additional functionality of lengthening Critical Chance duration by 50% and 100%. There are a lot of additional effects that can increase the duration of Critical Chance effects to make them more valuable
  • Added "Supreme" description with soft and hard caps where it's applicable
  • Note: Supreme is a new keyword. Supreme stats can exceed the given stat's soft cap value. This is an existing mechanic, the keyword is solely for clarification
  • Added a few new and existing stats to this screen

Massacre effects

  • Angel of Death no longer gives invulnerability or Critical strength but 35% Critical damage bonus. Also note that the trigger changed: it now requires 10 crits with only 1 second in between, from 3 crits with 3 seconds in between


  • Rebalanced the system of Tarot cards. They are going to increase any map's level the following way:
    • The Treasure Trove card will increase the map level by 2
    • The Heretek Forge  card will increase the map level by 2
    • The Hourglass card will increase the map level by 5
    • The Martyr card will increase the map level by 5
    • The Fallen Hero card will increase the map level by 8
    • The Deceiver card will increase the map level by 8
    • The Grim Reaper card  will increase the map level by 11
    • The Arch Enemy card will increase the map level by 11
  • These Tarot cards can only be applied to missions which are at least on the player's level
  • These Tarot cards can also increase Void Crusade, Intel and Ordo mission levels



  • Mobility skill animation timers have been adjusted for more fluid gameplay
  • Global CD reduced to 0.2 seconds on all weapons. (Removed altogether on Armour and Belt skills)
  • Refractor field: Behavior changed to give 20% Supreme Damage reduction, 25% Suppression Damage reduction and 2.5% Max Suppression regen for 30 sec


  • Death mark duration increased from 10 sec to 15 and its max stack from 10 to 25

Arc Sword

  • Voltaic Arc:
    • Gained Burn tag
    • Now chains before damaging so in case of one-shot kills it still hits multiple targets
    • Cooldown decreased from 0.8 to 0.65 seconds
    • Damage increased from 1.63 to 2.3
  • Thunder Slide:
    • Cooldown decreased to 1.5 sec from 4 sec
    • Changed from long range to medium range
    • Doubled the moving speed during the jump
    • Impact radius reduced from 3 to 2 meters
    • Damage increased from 2.5 to 2.9
  • Voltaic Backflip:
    • Range adjusted to medium range
    • Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds
    • Damage increased from 1.2 to 2.4
  • Shock Nova:
    • Now stuns instead of knocking back
    • Gained AoE Large tag
    • Damage increased from 2.0 to 3.0

Assassin Power Sword

  • Blade Bite:
    • Added Bleed tag
    • Damage increased from 0.9 to 1.9
  • Bladestorm
    • Damage increased from 1.6 to 1.75
  • Phasing Assault:
    • Damage increased from 2.5 to 2.9
  • Serpent Strike:
    • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 3.6 seconds

Carthean Sword

  • Carthean Strike:
    • Needler Toxin removed
    • Added Armor Piercing tag
  • Blade Dance:
    • Cooldown reduced from 8 to 7 seconds
    • Changed from long range to medium range
    • It applies 3 stacks of poison
    • Damage reduced from 2 to 1.3
  • Crimson Path:
    • Movement speed penalty reduced from 60% to 30%
    • No longer interrupted by damage
    • Added Bleed, Fleshbane and Needler toxin tags
    • Attack speed increased by 20%
    • Damage increased from 1.25 to 1.45
  • Severance:
    • Range reduced from long to medium

Arc Blade

  • Bladestorm:
    • Increased default attack speed
    • Damage increased from 1.31 to 2.4
    • Gained Armor Breaking tag
  • Voltaic Arc:
    • Added Burn DoT
    • Cooldown increased from 0.8 to 2.0 seconds
    • Removed Stun effect
  • Whirlwind:
    • No longer stops on damage taken
    • Radius increased from 3 to 4
    • Added Slow, AoE, Fleshbane and Weak vs armored tags
    • CD reduced from 4 to 0.7 sec

Null Rod

  • Annulment:
    • Cooldown increased to 7.2 sec
  • Wide Strike:
    • Added heat vulnerability
  • Null Strike:
    • Damage increased from 1.65 to 2.0
    • Added Giantkiller tag
  • Null Wave:
    • Added a Slow tag
    • Damage increased from 3 to 5

Death Cult Blade

  • Bladestorm:
    • Damage increased from 1.15 o 1.35
  • Killing Blow:
    • Damage increased from 1.2 to 2
    • Gains 20 % bonus for finishing move instead of 10
  • Wide Strike:
    • Cooldown reduced to 0.9 sec
    • Damage increased from 1.44 to 2.0

Archeotech tier weapons

Differences listed here are relative to the normal weapons, not the previous version

Arc Blade

  • Blade Storm:
    • Added Armor Piercing tag instead of Armor Breaking
    • Damage is 2.6 instead of 2.4
  • Whirlwind
    • Added a Shock tag instead of Slow
    • Removed the Weak vs Armored tag
    • Damage is 2.5 instead of 2.2

Arc Sword

  • Shock Nova
    • Extra High Suppression tag
    • Cooldown is 7.2 sec instead of 9.6 sec
  • Voltaic Strike
    • Chain's Damage increased to 2.5 instead of 2.0
    • By default it jumps to one more target, it can also hit 2 more targets when spun up

Assassin Power Sword

  • Phasing Assault
    • Cooldown reduced to 1.5 sec instead of 2 sec
  • Ceremonial Cuts
    • Cooldown reduced to 0.6 sec instead of 0.7 sec
    • Slightly faster animation speed
    • Damage increased to 2.15 instead of 1.75

Carthean Sword

  • Carthean strike
    • Cooldown increased to 0.6 sec instead of 0.7 sec
    • Slightly faster animation speed
    • Damage increased to 2.3 instead of 1.85
  • Blade dance
    • Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds instead of 7

Death Cult Blade

  • Wide Strike
    • Added Fleshbane tag
    • Damage increased to 2.4 instead of 2.0
  • Killing blow
    • Added Armor Piercing instead of Armor Breaking
    • Cooldown reduced to 6 sec instead of 10 sec

Null rod

  • Null Wave
    • Added Armor Breaking tag
    • Damage increased to 5.5 instead of 5
  • Annulment
    • Cooldown reduced to 5 sec instead of 7.2
    • Damage increased to 2.7 instead of 2.4


  • Blessings
    • Durations for all blessings have been dramatically increased, in most cases to 90 seconds
    • All blessings reserve a base 25% warp heat, but the cost can be modified with masteries
  • Masteries
    • Only the masteries relevant to the chosen Psychic power are shown on the list.
    • Symbiosis rune changed to turn any blessing into a true aura.
    • Exploit Weakness' Crit chance was reduced from 10% to 7.5 %
    • Damage Mastery now gives 3.5% Base damage for as long as the equipped blessing lasts
    • Almost all spells have some changes to their available mastery list. Check them out.
    • 10HP and 10 Suppression gain on hit masteries has been reworked into gain 10% of the damage dealt as HP and gain 15% of the damage dealt as Energy shield
  • Dots
    • Dot damage type on various Powers have been adjusted to be better matched with the base damage type
    • Warp type of DoT has been removed due to a lack of build options to support it. It might be re-added later with some further changes
  • Warp Anomalies
    • Now summoning a demon can occur in Imperiled Warp heat state
    • All Warp anomalies can happen in unhinged state, positive anomalies included
    • Instead of flat (huge) damage for both HP and Suppression anomalies now deal % damage and have various side effects
    • Positive Warp anomalies perk now properly increases the chance of positive anomalies by about 35%
    • The frequency of Warp anomalies was reduced
  • Warp anomalies have been reworked the following way
    • Daemonic Curse: Now deals 100% Suppression damage and stuns but deals no HP damage
    • Malevolent Anomaly: now deals 5% Hp damage/ sec and stacks up general Vulnerability on the player
    • Manifestation: now can summon Chaos Spawns, Bloodletters as well as an Unholy Guardian depending on the Warp heat
    • Power Drain:  deals 5% HP damage 20% Suppression damage and nullifies the player's crit chance for a short time.
    • Psychic Backlash: deals 20% HP damage and and 10 Suppression damage while also applying burn to the player.
    • Warp Surge: deals 10% HP damage/ sec and 10% Suppression damage /sec but slows the player by 90% for 2 seconds (regardless of suppression status)

Psychic Powers

  • Endurance
    • Changed from DR buff to give 10% Max Hp and 1% Max HP regen.
  • Enfeeble
    • Shock mastery can be added
  • Hemorrhage
    • Applies Bleed now
    • Changed to Physical damage
    • Damage increased from 1.2 to 1.7
  • Warp Speed
    • CDR value reduced from 25% to 20 %
  • Foreboding
    • Now gives Damage bonus to all physical damage, not only kinetic, effect increased from 50 to 55%
  • Precognition
    • Behavior changed from invulnerability to give Player level*100 Energy shield
  • Fiery Form
    • Mastery's damage effect increased by 10%
    • Instead of Damage reduction it gives Supreme Heat Resist
  • Spontaneous Combustion
    • Gained 1000% Damage bonus for burning targets
    • CD increased from 1 to 3 sec
    • No longer causes Burn (the secondary effect still causes burn, thus the tag on the skill)
  • Assail
    • Became significantly faster to cast
    • Damage increased from 2.5 to 3.5
    • Now causes Physical vulnerability instead of Warp
  • Crush
    • Now has a ballistic trajectory
    • Cost increased from 7 to 10 Warp heat
    • Causes an Area Normal sized explosion on impact
    • Damage values reduced from 2.4 to 2.1
  • Maelstrom
    • Now applies on-hit effects properly
  • Shockwave
    • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 1 seconds
    • It became much faster to cast
    • Knockback and knockdown became optional (mastery)
    • Damage reduced from 2 to 1.75
    • Can be cast while moving
  • Empyrean Hail has been added as a new Psychic Power
    • Summons warp bolts that hit the ground and on impact create damaging areas. Looks cooler than it sounds.
  • Extermination
    • Now the new pillars appear much faster
    • Can be cast while moving
  • Precognitive Dodge got removed

Weapon Skills

Force Rod

  • Fire Bolt
    • Cooldown reduced from 0.5 to 0.3
    • Damage reduced from 0.67 to 0.55
    • Warp heat reduction reduced from -4 to -1
  • Witchfire
    • Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 sec
    • Area reduced from area_large to area_normal
    • Warp heat reduction reduced from -8 to -1

Telekinetic Rod

  • Telekinetic Shockwave
    • Cooldown increased from 0.6 to 0.8
    • Damage increased from 0.9 to 1.9
    • Warp heat reduction reduced from -3 to -1

Warp Rod

  • Warp Blast
    • Cooldown increased from 0.6 to 0.8
    • Damage increased from 0.55 to 1.1
    • Area reduced to area_small
    • Warp heat reduction reduced to -2 from -3

Pyrokinetic staff

  • Area reduced to area normal
  • Heat vulnerability tag added
  • Warp heat reduction reduced to -2 from -3
  • Pyro Blast
    • Damage increased from 0.75 to 1.1

Wyrdvane Staff

  • Warp vulnerability tag added
  • Slightly reduced projectile speed
  • Damage increased from 0.44 to 0.8

Force Staff

  • Force Bolt
    • Now has a piercing tag
    • Damage increased from 0.8 to 1.12
    • Warp heat reduction reduced to -1 from -3

Biomantic sword

  • Force Smite
    • Animation speed slightly increased
    • Chain continues even if the primary target dies
    • Damage increased from 0.84 to 2.1
    • Cooldown increased from 0.7 to 4.5 sec
    • All hits of the chain apply the same reduction too
    • Chain's damage increased from 0.84 to 1.5
    • It hits 5 targets now up from 3

Force Sword

  • Strike
    • Cooldown increased to 4.5 second from 0.7
    • Gained armor breaking and bleed tags
    • Damage increased from 1.4 to 3.4
    • Warp heat reduction increased from -5 to -12

Perk changes

  • Radical and Puritan perks
    • Now visible even if you haven't yet reached the requirements
  • Artificier Organs II
    • Behavior changed to 1% Max HP regen from 100% increase for more consistent behavior
  • Eternal Warrior
    • Now gives 100 Berserk tokens on resurrection 
  • Attack Anchor
    • Now gives 10% Damage bonus every 0.5 seconds stacking up to 60% up from 10% Damage Bonus for 5 sec
  • Crisis Management
    • Changed description to better reflect its behavior, changed above 50% penalty to DR instead of a Vulnerability property
  • Deadshot
    • Increased damage bonus from 20 to 60%
  • Bullet Dodger
    • +60% Dodge against ranged attacks
    • -60% Dodge against melee attacks
  • Run and Gun
    • Damage bonus increased from 35% to 100% its duration reduced to 1 second
  • Reign of Confusion
    • It received a new effect: Blinds all enemies in a medium area on kill
  • Precognitive Evasion
    • Dodge chance increased from 10 to 15%
    • Now it provides Supreme Dodge
  • Adrenal Valves
    • Negative effect removed
    • Forbidden Rites
    • HP regen increased to 25 from 20/ sec/stack
  • Evasive Ambush
    • Tooltip updated to better represent true behavior
  • Fluid Nature
    • Tooltip updated to better represent true behavior
    • Increased dodge from 20 to 25%
    • Removed negative effect
  • Warp Heat dissipation
    • Now properly applies for each enemy killed, Warp heat reduction increased from 1 to 2
  • Warp Heat diffusion
    • Warp heat reduction increased from 1 to 2
  • Force Weapon Mastery
    • Damage bonus / stack reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Psy Enhanced Warfare
    • Damage bonus reduced to 1% from 2%
  • Psychic Escalation
    • Damage bonus per stack increased from 5 to 6.5 %
  • Psychic Sequence
    • Now stacks up to 5 times but gives 6% up from 5% CDR /stack
  • Warp Heat Conversion
    • Now gives 35% of the max Warp heat as Damage bonus
  • Warp Resonance
    • Damage Bonus / stack bonus increased from 5 to 10%
  • Tactical Mastery
    • Now gives 10% Supreme Cooldown reduction instead of modifying weapon change CD (which has been removed)

Archeotech Shards

  • All shard upgrades now cost 3 shards of the previous tier and the upgrade cost of Tier 4 and Tier 5 is reduced
  • Damage values increased from 1,2,3,6,15% to 2,4,7,12,25% respectively



  • Berserk token's Damage reduction removed, Berserk token now gives 5 Suppression regen/sec/token
  • Berserk token's max cap reduced to 100 from 150
  • Berserk state's per token's damage bonus increased from 2% to 4%
  • Berserk token's decay rate is adjusted to 1/sec from 0.5/ sec
  • Berserk state's Movement speed bonus changed from flat 10% to 0.35%/ berserk token
  • The Archeotech 'Damage per Berserk' gives 2-5% damage bonus / token down from 4-6%


  • Max token count increased to 20
  • Per token damage bonus increased to 8% up from 3%
  • The Archeotech 'Chance to keep Enraged' enchant's maximum roll increased to 70%
  • The Archeotech 'Bonus Enraged limit' enchant's maximum roll increased to 10
  • The Archeotech 'Critical chance per Enraged' enchant's behavior changed to give a fix 5-12% Critical chance when in Enraged State
  • The Archeotech 'Damage per Enraged' enchant's damage increased from 10 to 14


  • Cooldown Reduction for individual skills, secondary enchant: now gives Supreme Cooldown reduction but its amount has been halved approximately
  • Added "x% of the Damage dealt is gained as HP" "x% of the Damage dealt is gained as Shield Charge" enchant for melee weapons.
  • Long CD skills now means 3 sec down from 5 sec to apply to more skills
  • The 'Chance to lightning bolt in area' enchant's damage increased from 0.5 to 10 (that's 2000%), and its jump radius is increased from 3 to 5 meters
  • The 'Weapon Spawn Nurgling On Kill' enchant now doubled on two handed weapons, small level numbers reduced, the Nurgling moves much faster and explodes on contact with the enemy applying 5 stacks of poison.
  • The 'Vulnerability on hit heat' enchant's descriptions updated to better reflect true behavior
  • The 'Vulnerability on hit physical' enchant's descriptions updated to better reflect true behavior
  • The 'Vulnerability on hit warp' enchant's descriptions updated to better reflect true behavior
  • Invulnerability on big struck' enchant now triggers only if the player takes more damage. The lowest damage they can roll to is 29.9% the highest requires the player to lose 50% Hp on one hit
  • The 'Weapon Critical Chance' enchant increased from 10 to 15% and the whole bonus is "Supreme" now
  • Tech adept Psalm Doctrines now give 100% HP and 100% Damage from 50-50%
  • Cooldown halving Psalm Doctrine now triggers only on single target kills
  • The Archeotech 'Area damage when stunned enemy killed' enchant now properly scales from weapon damage instead of enemy HP
  • The Archeotech 'Damage reduce on big struck' enchant now always gives 20 Supreme Damage reduction but it triggers on different levels of HP loss/hit
  • The Galvanic rune's chance to reset cooldowns on kill was reduced from 5 to 1%
  • DoT damage secondary enchants added to all weapons that would benefit from them, and they now give double value for 2 handed weapons
  • The Burn and Poison spreading doctrines' spread range increased from 2 meters to 5
  • The 'Bleed status on enemies causes 100% Damage while they are near the hero' doctrine's effect range increased from 6 to 8 meters
  • The "Stunned enemies explode on kill dealing X AoE damage" enchant caused much more damage than originally planned and it was not in line with other enchants' damage output

Heroic Deeds

  • The Caligari Pilgrimage's unlock requirement was reworked. It requires 3 completed Void Crusades now
  • The Stalwart Servant's unlock requirement was reduced from 20 to 15
  • The Grand Plunderer's unlock requirement was reduced from 100 to 50 and now gives a free attribute point instead of unlocking the Movement passive tree
  • The Ordnance Seeker's unlock requirement was reduced from 100 to 10 
  • The Gunwrecker's unlock requirement was reduced from 100 to 5
  • The Burn them all's unlock requirement was reduced from 5M to 1M to be in line with similar unlock requirements
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Store Page
189 days ago
That's great news, thankyou! I'm sharing the desire to get in and play with the new balance pass and just waiting on the new season!
189 days ago
Within a week!:) 
189 days ago

So, when will us Xbox folk see this update? Been having a hankering to jump back in and fresh content is always good. 

209 days ago
Posted by FusionDante40k 283 days ago
-Please change the Psychic powers Endurance and Precognition back to before the update. 

-Please remove or lower the warp reserve.

-Please reduce the Witchfire cooldown back to 6 sec. and increase the radius back to large.

Playing psykers dosn´t make fun anymore.

-Please Update the Psalm code effects cause some does´nt do what has been written. 

-Please return the code: galvanic, iron, terminus back to: Each kill halves the remaining cooldown of skills.

The Emperor protects

By removing precognition they removed the fun of the psyker. 75 Days later they didn't change so it's time for me to find another game. I don't want to be forced to rebuild each patch because it is too powerfull >< it remind me the beginning of diablo 3 or warframe when they start to introduce ton of nerf... New powerfull item then it become garbage over time it receive a nerf.

262 days ago

Another possible oversight for the Psyker - there seems to be no Psychic Power that allows using the "Supression Stymulus" Psychic Mastery.

Also, their melee tree includes "Weapon Mastery" (+5% Critical Chance Combo Skills), but there are no Psyker weapons with the "Combo" tag.

262 days ago

One thing that appears to be an oversight: the "Psychic Boon" Psyker perk (+100% duration for Psychic Power buffs) has little value with the new blessing model (very long duration but large warp heat reserve). It should be changed to reflect that (e.g. "-33% warp heat reserve for Psychic Power buffs").

264 days ago

Good to know about the shards, that makes sense.

Thank you for checking on the melee psyker weapons. To clarify, it appears that Biomantic and Force Swords were changed in this weird way (huge cooldown), but the Aether Blade retains a normal cooldown.

265 days ago
@LORD BZAARK‍ indeed, this is a bug which will fix early next week.

@CHACUMBELE‍ the drop rate of higher level shards will be lowered, this is in our plans to do. I'm not sure atm what is going on with the Melee Psyker weapons but we will check them and if necessary you can expect further changes.

266 days ago
so i have activated all the warp surges but im only getting credit for 3 of them for my season credit is this a bug?
266 days ago

This patch looks great! You even included some tweaks I recommended on a suggestion thread (e.g. tarot cards raising mission base level, less shards required for each upgrade, some improvements to underpowered passives, etc.).

I still have some doubts however:

  • Melee weapons for the Psyker class now have huge cooldowns, so they work more as spells than weapons. I'm not sure I like this at all - for starters, this makes the whole melee passive tree useless for them.
  • If less shards are required now for each upgrade, I feel that we should get less high level shard drops.
This comment was edited 266 days ago by Chacumbele
275 days ago
Transmogrification isn't planned, this feature will likely not be implemented into Inquisitor, at least not anytime soon.
275 days ago


a new hotfix just got released on PC, fixing a few more issues. The whole list can be read below.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed a few minor issues in Starmap missions
  • Removed a few players from the Seasonal Leaderboards who used frauds to complete various Seasonal objectives
  • Purge missions got removed from all Frozen maps
  • From now on Seasonal Warp Anomaly Ribbons will be displayed in Co-Op too
  • Fixed an Ancient Relic unlock requirement which required the players to complete 50.000 missions
  • Fixed a Tarot hazard in Co-Op
  • From now on ribbons can be turned off in the  Options, under the Gameplay window
  • Fixed a good number of strings in various languages
  • From now on Tarot card pop-up notifications will last 2 seconds and the area behind them will be clickable
  • Fixed the Efficient Operative achievement which did not trigger under certain circumstances

The Emperor Protects.

275 days ago

It's good. it would be nice if you also added transmogrification for more detailed customization of the inquisitor's appearance

275 days ago

Some further improvements are planned for the Tech-Adept too in one of our future patches to balance out its weaknesses.

277 days ago

Why there are no changes Tech adept? it is still the weakest among the rest

278 days ago

Good day I was wondering if there were plans to release a patch to fix the Angel Of Death buff you get from crits as the current 10 crits 1 sec in between is unrealistic and can barely be achievable even with supreme critical chance stacking it went from getting the buff a lot too getting it rarely if even sometimes creating a barrier only extremely late game gear grinding can achieve for experts but not for regular players anymore also clarification should be made that the crit procs have to be for a singular target in a row I'm trying to unlock the achievement by getting Angels of Death and this is not gonna be a very pleasant experience do let us know if anything is gonna be done about this

281 days ago
Well, I don´t understand how it can be so hard. ANyway. Press in and HOLD in the F key, and then while you still HOLD in the F key, you press down the SHIFT key. And there you go. Yoiu have been locked in position. And at the same time as you are locked in position as this, you will also see that the Data Machine is being read at the same. Or the scanning if you rather call it that. This is also the case for these Artifacts around. Which is beng done in the exact same manner.
282 days ago


a hotfix just got released on PC fixing a bunch of things including the Seasonal Anomaly pop-ups clicking problem.

Here is the full list of fixed issues:

  • Fixed a few crash issues
  • Fixed the sound of the Veil of Carnage seasonal effect
  • From now on if an Intel mission will be Warp Tainted it will be indicated on the voting window
  • There was a floating tower in a Siege mission. This has been fixed
  • From now on players can click through the ribbons of the various seasonal effects
  • When creating a character a seasonal effect could cover the spot of the character's name. This has been fixed
  • From now on Seasonal anomaly ribbons will be visible for 2 seconds instead of 5 and will be replaced if a new ribbon will appear
  • The Seasonal Stasis Casket was displayed in the color of the Inferno for non-seasonal characters. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where seasonal effect ribbons could appear on the Command Bridge
  • Fixed an issue where some tier objectives were not tracking the progress of players in Co-Op
  • Fixed the Unyielding Legion Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Ultimate Penance seasonal objective

We do not stop here, you can expect further fixes in the coming period!

The Emperor Protects.

282 days ago
Brother Kundari

Yepp, that's what we did at least 5-6 times already but could not get into that bugged state.

I will give it another chance later today, hopefully I will have some luck this time around.

@FUSIONDANTE40K‍ it was intentional to rebalance the Psyker class as it was head and shoulders above the rest. Some polishing may still arrive later but most of the changes will remain as they are now. 

This comment was edited 282 days ago by Marcopolocs
283 days ago
I´m not sure how it is impossible for you to reconstruct or reproduce this thing I´m talking about. I just quite simply don´t get it, really. What is so hard about it? The only thing you do is hold down F key, and then you quite simply press the SHIFT key. Then you quite simply click the mouse for walking, which doesn´t work then. ANd then you press a couple 1´s & 2´s for using Abilities, which again, doesn´t work. The one and only thing you can do is to watch that Datahunt machine filling it up itself and press the key for your Inoculator to Heal.

I could easily reconstruct the happening for the same amount of fingers I´m having on both my hands, for the same time it takes for me to write this. It´s so extremely easy to do it. I even sometimes do it on purpose in Datahunt & Artifact Missions just for the heck of it + having some extra thrills. Lol. I´m having and doing it on an very old Keyboard I still use for everything, which is a A4 Tech keyboard. But I doubt that is the reason for it to happen.

283 days ago
-Please change the Psychic powers Endurance and Precognition back to before the update. 

-Please remove or lower the warp reserve.

-Please reduce the Witchfire cooldown back to 6 sec. and increase the radius back to large.

Playing psykers dosn´t make fun anymore.

-Please Update the Psalm code effects cause some does´nt do what has been written. 

-Please return the code: galvanic, iron, terminus back to: Each kill halves the remaining cooldown of skills.

The Emperor protects

284 days ago

The Warp Pillar anomaly is considered by the game as a construct? This sounds interesting, we will have to check if this is the case. Thanks for reporting the issue!

This comment was edited 284 days ago by Marcopolocs
285 days ago
Looks like Warp Pillar Anomaly count as construct for Tech Adept... Can't complete "Unyielding Legion" heroic deed.
285 days ago

Oh, a chance. You mean just like there is a chance that you might be executed to improve morale? 

285 days ago
@AFEDIENKO‍ that was not intentional. If Archeotech items are no longer available in the Ordo store we will restore them!

@MARGORACH‍ there is a chance (cannot guarantee) that there will be Co-Op in Void Crusades with our next bigger patch!

@BROTHER KUNDARI‍ the end of the Season hasn't been specified just yet - similar to Season 1. It will be available for months though.
The Datahunt problem is still a big question on our end due we are unable to reproduce the bug.

@KHORNESUNCLE‍ this issue will get fixed early next week!

@NOXCODEX‍ could you please elaborate this problem with the Tarot card changes in a new thread? I would like to get a better picture about it.

285 days ago
Stop with your tech-heresy and let us play void crusades in Co-op already! 
285 days ago
Thank you for unhiding the 30% Tarot card all (including experience) bonus which as stated sounds/looks like an increase but actually isn't. I've been playing for over a year with some breaks yet my highest toon is 88 after more than usual effort on one toon over last few months. If I couldn't get one toon to max level in one year what incentive is there to dabble in a seasonal toon?
286 days ago

Are Archeotech Blueprints was removed from Ordo Hereticus store on some purpose?

286 days ago
You get random assignments from the priority assignment guy (astropath). When his menu pops up, just select 'random assignment' (should be the top one).
286 days ago

Ok, been busy a few hours with new Season now, Lvl 20+ something so far.

An astounding amount of Foxes and whatnot. It´s just amazing. But one thing I noticed that still hasn´t been fixed is... the while holding fown the F, and if you also at the same time presses SHIFT, you get completely LOCKED and is unable to move or do anything else. Except for the fact that you can use the Inoculator. Cmon. Go on. Fix it.

286 days ago

According to the compendium, 

this is zone of malevolence 

and this is zone of manifestation. However, it seems these two are switched in the game.

286 days ago
So, maybe so that I can progress out of the first tier unlike last Season, can someone please define the difference between a "random mission" and a "random assignment"? They sound the same to me. The former is clearly listed and can be chosen.  I could never get any advancement for the latter last Season. Otherwise, not really seeing a point in participating in this new Season, being stuck at 19/20 for its duration.
286 days ago
Posted by KhornesUncle 286 days ago

Thanks for the patch, loving this game so far!

What i noticed in the new season: when the message about warp effect pops up on the screen it has invisible screenwide are around it, and if your mouse points inside this area clicks aren't being registered.  So you can't move, can't attack. I depicted approximate size of that layer.

Upd. It seems to be clickable to the left from the message but bottom and right areas are unclickable untill the message begins to fade away.
286 days ago

Thanks for the patch, loving this game so far!

What i noticed in the new season: when the message about warp effect pops up on the screen it has invisible screenwide are around it, and if your mouse points inside this area clicks aren't being registered.  So you can't move, can't attack. I depicted approximate size of that layer.

287 days ago
Ok, so... had a look at this/these Challenge Tree/Trees/Tiers.

And I do like some of them. And I see some of the very same ones as well just as from Inferno Ssn, which I was hoping would not be present, to be honest. Hoped for more variety, but ok. It is forgiveable.

The ones I, in my personal opinion at least, did NOT liked, were the fact that again these Complete the FULL Void Crusades with/without Mission Timer has been snuck in again. These in my opinion is/was one of the MOST tedious and timeconsuming and THE most frustrating ones I actually managed to do.

And then there is this Complete ALL 9 Void Crusades. Does this mean just complete them in a normal/regular manner, or does it actually means Complete ALL 9 Void Crusades including getting ALL Fragments AND Keys?

I do assume it is complete a Void Crusade (9) in a normal manner (like 5-10 Missions) incl. the Supreme Miss..

And last... The time for this Season to last? Same as last one, or actually less?

287 days ago
These Updates is... Insane... and... Woww.

I never imagined it would be this much.

287 days ago
I also just uninstalled and reinstalled the game, same status.
287 days ago
It works now, thanks!
287 days ago

Please check on the following options, they will hopefully help you download the latest update:

  • Restart your PC
  • Clear the download cache here: Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Clear Download Cache
  • Verify the integrity of the game in Steam: Right-click on the game in your library then: Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files

There are a few more options but hopefully they won't be necessary as they require bigger intervention (change the download region etc.)

Let me know if these helped.

287 days ago

Same for me. There is no game update in the Steam queue. When I launch the game, it tells me I need to update first, but Steam has no Martyr update for me.

Tried changing the settings, switching between all update options - 'always keep the game up to date', 'only update when I launch it', 'high priority...'. They have no effect, still no game update for me. Presumably, the manual update when launching the game option should prompt me to update and prevent me from launching the game, but it doesn't. It just starts Martyr normally, without any updating.

I also tried restarting Steam, but it doesn't help either...

This comment was edited 287 days ago by Lankester
287 days ago
The game isnt updating for me on Steam. When I launch the game it tells me download patch/update first. I have read some posts you have to reinstall the game completely? Any suggestions?
287 days ago
  • The level 70 restriction on Starmap missions was removed. Mission level will now scale up to level 107 and the maximum mission level reachable with Tarot cards will be 118

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!