City of suffering crash and other bugs


OK folks, just got some new bugs to post + i haven't received response from stuff about some of my previuos issues so ill repost them here as well (

Also i hope bug with floating texts from Section 3 is taken into account

Section 5. Skulltaker (enemy from 3rd subsector) seems to be RESISTANT TO CRITS. I have a crit build but this guy received 0 crits from me (like 20-30 hits, all damage numbers are white, not yellow). Thats actually could be an issue as other same elites die pretty fast but this guy takes 2-3 times more hits. The question is: is this the feature or a bug? Would be kind of interesting to have monsters resistant to crits, but we need to know if they exist and which ones exactly.

Section 6. "Death augury" skill (when it is actually working), as it is stated in skill description, adds 65 heat on triggering. In reality, it doesn't add heat at all + it is not disabled upon triggering (i dont know whether this is intended or not). My suggestion how the skill should work: upon triggering skill checks, if "current warp heat value" + "65 warp heat value" <= "max warp heat value", then "activate" (i.e. it triggers, saves the character, adds warp heat AND continues working), if not then "not activate". If "not activate", if "character survives", then "skill continues working", if not (i.e. character dies), then "skill deactivates".

Section 7. Bug with "Symbiosis" rune. As intended (at least, thats what i believe, correct me if im mistaken), the rune simply shares buffs effect (duration and actual effect) with nearby allies (i.e. creates a zone around the psyker, IN which allies receives buffs, OUTSIDE don't, as well as sharing warp heat penalties in case of Death augury and Precognition). However, this is how it works: psyker casts buffs, they are APPLIED ONLY ON NEARBY ALLIES (not on actual psyker), DOESN'T HAVE INCREASED DURATION AND BUFFS (as if casting skills with no runes and no perks), AND IF ALLY WAS TOO FAR, IT WON'T BE APPLIED ON THIS ALLY UNTIL YOU RECAST BUFFS.

Now lets come to some new things.

Section 8. Bug with the psyker skill "Haemophilic shock" from "DOT" tree. Basically, this skill adds Slow to enemies affected by Bleed. However, there is no Slow icon on the debuffs line (under the Suppression line) for the Elite enemies with green suppression (OK, on high difficulties it is almost impossible to lower their suppression) (e.g. special affix "Each critical hit inflicts Slow\Shock to the target" for rods and staffs actually INFLICT Slow and\or Shock even with green suppression). This skill is useful for psykers for 2 main reasons:
1) it sinergyzes with "Paralyze" skill from "Debuff" tree;
2) it sinergyzes well with +5 Crit Chance\+10 Crit Damage affixes on your eye, main imps and armor.
Normal enemies receive "yellow" debuff icon (Im not sure if this is Slow). In addition, we need explanation in Tutorial section of the game on what debuff icons mean (i.e. red skull is DOT debuff, number is vulnerability debuff, lightning is shock debuff, purple thingy is hallucination debuff, yellow and red icons etc. But what about slow, freeze and the like)

Section 9. PR cap. As it is now, maximum possible PR you can get is 2250 with full orange (i.e. Relic) iL 70 + 100% fused equip. However, when you make a 100% fusion and AFTER that reroll affixes on it, it LOSES 1 PR (e.g. for armor 270 -> 269) and 2% of fusion (100% -> 98%). And if you FUSE it again (98% - 100%) it MAY (sometimes) receve 1 additional point of PR (269 -> 271). And your overall PR will jump to 2250+ (see screenshots below):

Section 10. There is a problem with a City of Suffering (CS). I dont know what happens, but for such a small map with kind of a few enemies compared to other maps (well, 10 spots for a total of like 100 small enemies), my FPS starts dropping with the time spent on this map (usually i have 60 fps). And i can feel increasing lags the more points i get (especially if feels when Pain Catalyst spawns). And at some point (usually it is ~40 mins into the map, i have around 9-9,5k points at that time) after the Pain Catalyst spawn i have an FPS drop to like 1-2 and the game crashes in 10 secs.

What I am trying to say here is that there is definitely a memory leak somewhere. I dont know if other players have the same issues as me, because I am the only one who achieved 9k atm (top on the leaderboard), but im scared every single time i make a run. I lost like 5 or 6 runs when I could have beaten my record and push it to 10k just because of this game crash. Now i stop proceeding at 8,5k cause i fear of losing all my things.

I see 2 possible solutions here:

1) there is somewhere a memory leak leading to crash which needs to be fixed (OK, i admit that im playing from a laptop, but i have 60 fps on other maps. Will be able to check game crash on a good PC in a week or so);

2) give players the opportunity to leave the map at any time saving all lootboxes they farmed (because you cant lose on this map, basically).

Section 11. Bug from the main campaign (the Khorne one i believe). On the last mission when you are helping grand master Magnusson  to close the warp gates, i encountered the following situation:

1) you need to meet the grandmaster;

2) two of you proceed to kill Khorne leader;

3) you have a fight (during which grandmaster lost his health to 1 hp);

4) after the fight cycle starts again: 1>2>3 (and yes, you meet "new" grandmaster, and now there is three of you gonna fight with Khorne leaders);

5) quest finishes how it was intended (see screenshots below):

Have a look at tasks: Meet with grandmaster -> find the voidripper commander -> defeat kairn golgrath (actually i had done this already, OK?!) -> AGAIN meet with grandmaster -> AGAIN find the voidripper commander

And here (as well as on previous screenshot) 2 Magnussons LUL

Section 12. There is some issues with enemies which are definitely need to be balanced properly. Here I'm gonna talk ONLY about 90%+ damage reduction dealt mission.

Scourge. Originally Drukhari (accorging to the Codex) are descendants of the Aeldar race, who, in turn, are not tanky guys (if we are talking from the gaming perceptive). They are masters of deceit, lies and warp. OK, they have a few units who can be tanky (i dont remember the names), but definitely NOT Scourge. Because Scourge are fragile as f*ck. At the same time in the game Scourge are actually one of the tankiest units (heaven defying regeneration of shields and health + shit ton of health). And this all combined with their Suppression killing and stun-locking abilities. C'mon, when your are playing on high difficulties you can't insta-kill this guys, who, in turn, literally kill your Suppression and stun-lock you (+slow-lock you). Especially when there is a pack of 2-4 of these guys.

Succubus. God bless this beaties (some heresy here) but they are even "better" then Scourge. Again, they deplete your Suppression real fast + they have this stun+slow combo from which you have 5% chance to run away (if you get lucky). first they slow you (you fall on the ground), then insta stun afterwards -> repeat. Then definitely need longer cooldowns for this moves.

Havoc marine (i dont really remember the proper name). These are chaos marines with rocket launchers. They are not as imbalanced as Drukhari, but they have this ablility when they shoot a series of rockets at you which depletes your Suppression, slowes you, makes you fall and deals a HUGE chunk of damage. Basically, what would be great is that if this ability would have "preparation" time + would mark a zone on the ground so that you could dodge this.

P.S.: I just would like to know that bugs from Section 1-11 will be taken into account and are gonna be patched with upcoming fixes.

Thanks you for your response in advance!

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City of suffering crash and other bugs
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279 days ago
Edited Section 8. TL;DR: there is yellow debuff icon for normal enemies, but no debuff icon for elite enemies (and im not sure if yellow debuff icon is actually a Slow) + we need explanation in the tutorial menu for all debuff icons so that players wouldn't guess their meaning.
279 days ago
Thank you for your response!
279 days ago

Section5: it is indeed working this way, the Skulltaker does not get Crit dmg but I will discuss the matter with our designers.
Section6: here the skill adds +20 Warp Heat instead of 65. The tooltip will be corrected accordingly! As we checked it drops off after its activation so its working as intended.
Section7: we will check on the skill!
8: we will check on this too!
9: we will check on this one as well!
10: we will test the map and check on the FPS drop!
11: we will test this thoroughly too!
Thank you very much for the detailed report once again!