city of suffering


im all for something new but city of suffering shouldnt have been dlc it is only a unholy cathedral type mission that doesnt offer anything special or useful. 

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city of suffering
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3 years 347 days ago

It is planned to be released in the first half of January!

3 years 347 days ago

I dont understand how you can name City of Suffering just an Unholy Catherdral, when you are able to farm a shit ton of relics for money+fate and useful stuff here for end game. Instead I would increase its difficulty, just so that enemies become stronger the more points you get. 

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3 years 347 days ago
When is City of Suffering and the tier 2 Warzone coming to xbox one. 
4 years 6 days ago

The City of Suffering DLC offers a new type of game mode which can resemble for Unholy Cathedral from a certain aspect, but its design and goal is different from it and has its separate leaderboard as well.