Cheap, easy content - item lore


There's an easy and cheap way to add content: unique item descriptions. 40k lore is vast, ready made and freely available to the dev. Copy & paste item descriptions out of 40k lore, put it in as unique items (doesn't have to be OP, or even unique in stats). People will be reading the descriptions and never get bored. DoW2 has it, and it adds much to the game while costing minimal manhours.

You can't get cheaper than free, faster than copy & paste, and more content than 40k. Not taking advantage of the strength of 40k IP would be a shame.

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Cheap, easy content - item lore
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4 years 266 days ago

maybe they should add lore describtions to relic items only.To make them even more unique .Anyway cool idea but it isnt so much imortant for gameplay and devs should fix the bugs and mechanic problems at first.

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4 years 266 days ago
Who doesn't already know everything about 40k and the Emperor???  noobs...

 Seriously though it would be cool for newer players to have a chance to learn more about the 40k universe and maybe even get them into 40k table top.
Many of the reviews I watched before buying the game the dudes said they had no idea about 40k lore. One was 70hours into this game but said he was interested in reading more into the  lore after shooting and killing the "bad guys"... I just LOL he had no clue why he was fighting these" bad guys" only that they were chaos what ever that is...
4 years 266 days ago
Yeah, I was surprised the equipment and weapons didn’t have any descriptions or lore attached.