A button on Xbox


Guys, make A buttor to be hold for interaction with enviroment and the conflicts with combat will be resolved. That simple. 

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A button on Xbox
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3 years 254 days ago
The certification process is quite strict and consume time on Xbox which is why we cannot give an ETA on the Xbox patch.
3 years 255 days ago
ETA on patch? 
3 years 255 days ago
This issue has been solved internally and the new patch will solve it for our players!
3 years 256 days ago
Glad to hear this is worked out. Not a game breaker or anything but definitely frustrating especially in larger fights. I've also had issues where I can't interact with an item to advance a mission because there was a supply pack on the ground nearby. My character would constantly just run back to the supply rather than interacting with the object I was trying to interact with which meant spamming grenades until the supply pack disappeared before I could advance the mission. 
3 years 261 days ago
Thankfully the target priority system rework is already worked out, so the next update will solve this nuisance.