Chat bug


When i log in to the game, after type 3-4 times at chat, i cant see my text, need press 4-5 time "1" to see my sentence.

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Chat bug
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7 years 2 days ago

After chat window gets too long, I can no longer right-click on player names, so can't view profile or invite to party.

Scrolling up and right-clicking on a previous post works though.

7 years 2 days ago

Its not this problem - i must type 1 2 3 4 enter to see my "0" txt

7 years 2 days ago
On what resolution do you guys play? 
7 years 2 days ago


7 years 6 hours ago

The reason is resolution , when i change to 1920x1080 chat working correctly, btw, in 1920x1200 icons at skill tree is  moved up

7 years 5 hours ago
The resolution issue will be fixed with the next patch.