Can't play co-op


Searched here and reddit and steam, couldn't find anything within the past year about this issue. My buddy just picked up the game during the sale and we went to do co-op on new tech adepts, both at the same point in the campaign, and all we get is "Failed to join match" when we try to start any map. This includes campaign and optional maps, seasonal and non seasonal characters. Any ideas/suggestions before he refunds the game?

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Can't play co-op
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244 days ago
Me and my friend are having the same problem. Anything we can try to fix it before we refund? :/
247 days ago
Yea this is getting to be seriously a problem for a game boasting a coop mode...

Please devs get this issue off the back burner and make it priority 1..

247 days ago

My friend just picked up the game. We are not able to join missions together. We are able to accept the group invites, but when the mission tries to launch we get "Failed to join match".

247 days ago
Can confirm, my friend and I just got the game and keep getting the same message when we try a co-op session. Game works fine if solo.