cant buy the game


you guys have taken my credit card 3 times, I was informed that my bank was not giving me the full txt for my 4 digit code, so I was told to enter the withheld amount, but the card is no longer sending me fresh txts because I already gave the card permission... long story short, my card company has tried to process the charge 3 times, my card gave permission to charge the amount, and your company is the only thing stopping me from buying the game... if your game was on steam I would have already bought it yesterday

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cant buy the game
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6 years 323 days ago
Airsick Hydra

That's putting it mildly... Steam review bombers are getting insane, and Steam still refuses to do anything to combat the garbage like "Not Recommended: 0/10 would not potato".

When I check the reviews section, and it looks like I've stumbled into /b/, someone dun screwed up.

6 years 323 days ago

I feel your pain brother. Had the same issue buying a PC. Hope someone gets back to you soon. There is a good reason it's not on steam yet tho, early build would have gone down like a lead balloon. (no offence neocore I love the game) xD

6 years 323 days ago

problem was resolved by support... good job... I would take the bad review down but I cant find the button to delete it HAHAHA