Bugs after few hours of play


I encountered these issues.

1) The minimap was missing a part of the level texture. Just behind the object you're supposed to defend, there was a black square. It can be seen on the screenshot below. This is the final mission of the "Feral Beasts" investigation, which is part of the campaign.

2) The Psyker trait that creates the purple zone on the ground is missing a buff icon. Again, visible on the screenshot.


3) I was warping around the map, exploring the area after I finished the mission. This happened when I teleported near one of the holes in the ground. Is this supposed to happen when I overuse psy powers, or is it a bug?


4) At first, I couldn't run the game, since the game was missing d3dcompiler_47.dll, which apparently didn't install with the game. The game directory contains d3dcompiler_46.dll, so I made a copy of it, renamed it to d3dcompiler_47.dll, which fixed the problem. I recommend adding the file to the game installation, to prevent issues for people after the launch.

5) When the game launches, the mouse cursor is invisible. Alt+Enter or ctrl+alt+del and going back to the game is required to make it appear. I read someone had fps issues due to the cursor, but I didn't notice any.

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Bugs after few hours of play
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