Bug Report Xbox Turning off.


Hi a bug i keep getting is the game will turn my xbox off,it has also happend to my friend both on xbox. hope you can solve this issue.

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Bug Report Xbox Turning off.
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3 years 97 days ago
Great, thanks for responding.  It just happened again moments ago.  Hopefully this info helps the devs.

I am level 24 Psyker attempting an optional mission from the Astropath and my next Investigation is "Find the traitor Flavius Draken" if that helps any.

3 years 97 days ago

Our colleagues are on it, the next update will contain the fixes, most likely mid-next week.

3 years 97 days ago
Exact same thing happened to me yesterday.  Was on ship/hub and game crashed and powered my Xbox completely off.  I mean all the way.  Not the power saving turn off, where everything comes back in a few seconds, but all the way out so you have the fresh boot up green screen.  Can't say I've had any other game on Xbox One do that.....