Season 1 Feedback


[Warning, campaign spoilers ahead!]

After pausing this game for a while, I managed to convince me to at least try the "new" campaign of season 1.

The Story:
The story starts out promising, seemingly as good as the (really good) main story, but half way through it completely dumps tension and momentum, and culminates in an absolutely meaningless end.
Especially the completely pointless "pain catalysts" that serve no dread or threatening purpose on their own, and fail to deliver anything valuable for the story.
I would have expected the dark eldar to work towards something vile and threatening, giving the main character a good reason to try everything to stop them, but this way it's just "purge them and their fancy but useless tech" instead of "purge them", quite disappointing.

The Difficulty/Balancing:
Well, I have read quite some complaints about the story, especially about the still broken and unfixed "pain engine" mission.
Though my char was "WZ-proof" before and I had no problem blazing through the whole campaign on "Eye of Terror" difficulty.
It only got a bit ugly after the "scaling" (wtf, seriously Neocore, you suck!) neary instantly jumped from minus-90-ish damage dealt to -99%, ok, seen that in WZ already, np really, but it still sucks.
The most difficult mission on EoT-difficulty was actually not the "pain engines" or the later -99% ones, but the one with the crimson wanderer, also due to massiv bugs and especially the self-displacing-and-constantly-getting-lost void shield, though I found out it is mostly due to (even already destroyed) objects on the map that it gets stuck, and adapted my tactics accordingly.
It required quite some maneuvering and tactic to pull it off, and by that it was actually fun in a challenging way, though nothing I'd want to do again on a regular basis.
I was still at 1511 Power Rating and around lvl 54 at the campaigns end, and I can say the difficulty and scaling / balancing of this campaign are as badly made as we are already used to, and for any new or halfway new player, it would be quite harsh to say the least,
frustrating due to bugs and broken stuff, not fun.
Also, the dark eldar seem to be equally badly balanced, whereas some of them do ridiculous SR damage, safe to say that anyone who did not do high lvl WZ before, will have serious annoyance and frustration from that.

The "Content":
(a.k.a. ninja content, invisible content, no content)
Also, you gain barely 4 lvls through the whole campaign, whereas Neocore made the mistake to just raise the lvl cap to 70!
This does sound like common practice, but it is only a common mistake, and Neocore did hard work to leverage all the bad things from this while leaving the good things unused.
As they though raised the cap to 70 and thereby said: "We shit on everything you did so far, your equip is useless now, but we won't give you any new content so you can spent countless hours of grind to get the exact same shit you had before."
Which has one straight effect, it is a very strong incentive for players to just drop it and never bother again.

The Console:
I have to say, I do not own a console anymore since almost 20 years, but I heard a lot of their console release,
which already had a long prelude of disappointment, missing communication and broken release promises.
It really looks like, and this is in no way surprising, that the console port is so bad that it is barely playable, pretty much not playable at all, due to them not having tested it at all. Seriously, Neocore seems to not test anything they do, I honestly wonder how a company can survive with such sloppy and unprofessional developement practices.
And there were also new bugs introduced that even surpass the bad port, at this point it is quite hard to not assume that Neocore did this on purpose, maybe because they lost their actual good coders and are unable to do anything, and now try to kill the game quick before admitting complete incompetence, or maybe they are just so fed up with all this for whatever reason... I can't tell, but it really looks like they have some reason to bury this game quickly.

And with this I dare say, this game is offically dead now,
but unfortunately,
it's safe to say that Neocore did get enough cash out of it already with their nanoscopic-minimal-investment into this game,
remember it's a cheap mod of their other game, with minimal dev effort, minimal cost and maximised profit, including intentionally misleading advertisement for instance as "open world" or "sandbox" whereas solitaire is more open world and sandbox as this game will ever be.
An open, unconcealed scam basically.
So it serves as a bright example of how easy it is to use the WH40K license as a cheap cash grab, and will lead to just more of them coming.
A disgusting stain on the galaxy at war, too late to purge.

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Season 1 Feedback
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3 years 50 days ago

I only have console version of Martyr so can't speak regarding the other points yet, however, also if there are bugs to iron out and things to adjust (targetting priority) I'm totally enjoyng playing the game now. Maybe I have been lucky since no major issues plagued my experience, also the devs are very active on this forums acknowledged the issues and accepted suggestions by the community. Sorry but I fund your post too harsh for the guys that worked on this game and are committed to improve and support it in the future. 

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