Bug Report: Pistols not working


Video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSCYQHjgadf/?taken-by=stabbymchatchet

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Bug Report: Pistols not working
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7 years 111 days ago

You mean the most iconic image of Warhammer 40k,  Bolt Pistol and Chainsword doesn't have and animation?!  Shame Shame Shame.  :D

7 years 117 days ago

its not the pistol  its a bug  with having melee  weapons equipped  there is no animation yet for them.

7 years 117 days ago

Yep, I find twin pistols work, a hammer and shield works but, a sword and pistol is a complete mess. A pity because a power sword and bolt pistol seemed to be a great combination. With luck it will be fixed with the next big patch or if not, the one after that. :)

7 years 115 days ago

Yah an power sword an bolt   were a  common  combo  in the dawn of war franchise.   But this is alpha  it will come.  cant have it all at once  even though we  want it  =)

I back many  crowd  funded game s an kickstarters and they all  have this in common if the  devs let  players in that  is.   IMHO the bugs they find though is  much better than paying a dedicated tester to find them too.   Plus  not all bugs will be  seen on local machines so outside testing is actually a plus.