Audio repeating or not playing at all. ver 1.0.7


I recently started playing as a psyker as my second character, and I've noticed during the campaign that the character will read his script out and then repeat the first line of it again before being cut off.  This is most noticeable on the magos biologis missions just after the hospital station.

In some cases audio has been skipped altogether and this happened on the Martyr when he first discusses the imperial statues not looking quite right. 

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Audio repeating or not playing at all. ver 1.0.7
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5 years 362 days ago
File is too large to send via email - any other suggestions?
5 years 363 days ago
Thankfully, we have added audio error related logging recently, so if you go into documents/neocoregames/warhammer martyr/ you will find a warhammer.txt that you can send to [email protected] and we will analyze this issue - thanks!