Annoying Numbers


I've clocked in 79 hours to Inquisitor: Martyr and I've been enjoying it so far; however, some of the mechanics, especially with DoTs annoy me ever so slightly...  Well, enough for me to write this post  The way that DoT damage appears to be calculated is that the DoT deals one tick of damage every interval (usually around 1 sec) as long as no attack applies an overlapping DoT effect.  This is annoying as a player, as if you're mashing a <1 sec cooldown ability that applies a DoT, you will never get any damage out of the DoT so long as you are attacking, making it effectively pointless but for the last strike.  And why do some weapons like the Needler Sniper Rifle stack DoTs while others don't?  Is it just because you can use those stacks to power up your sniper shot?  Personally, I think DoTs should have their remaining ticks and damage refreshed after each attack, but not the damage timer itself.  This is how it is in other games and it makes sense, as it makes the DoT not worthless except in certain circumstances where you stop attacking the target.  Also, seperate abilities with DoTs don't seem to stack their DoTs, which also annoys me.  

Another annoying number is the "On Hit" number.  Whenever the "On hit" condition is met, it is also checked how many other times the "On Hit" condition has been proced on this instance of the ability being used, and lowering the number of HP/SR/AP gained.  This is annoying because it makes area effects and full auto/salvo worse, limiting the amount of resources one can gain with each button press.  Of course, you could just press the button over and over, resetting the limit each time, but this is an annoying solution to a problem that shouldn't even exist... unless the Devs want these types of abilities to be less useful at regaining resources.  If that is the case, why?

 Do the Devs intend to keep the game this way? If so, why?

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Annoying Numbers
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