Any plans for possible gear sets?


Just wondering as I didn't see it discussed before, if there is any intention of possibly adding gear sets for classes with their own aesthetic looks, which could be used to a) add some things to the game to promote continued grinding, and b) encourage use of different maybe less used skills by making them more viable/valuable?

Just wondering.

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Any plans for possible gear sets?
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5 years 344 days ago

Hey watsup,

If i don't say some weird of shit actually Mars, Koschei, Thule and Scythe  was sort of items set wich gives bonus when get a certain number was equipped ... 

Not like a diablo set but something approaching ... Maybe in future we will have complete set with bad ass bonus for get a direction in build making ... Or unique named items to farm on certain named champions or other heretics ... I'm just get hard in thinking of LFP ppl to Kill Thorn The Big Executioner of Morta's Children ... Just for try the 0,0001% of drop a ... What Giant Licorn Penis x) ... Just a small joke ^^ ( don't ask me why penis ... I don't know guys ... I've not play since 3 days and lost my mind x) ) ...

Reference :

5 years 344 days ago
Pham Nuwen
Metas appear when you have specific item sets, we have already plenty of skills and they will implement more. That gives you a freedom to customize your character as you like to play and find a way to make it valid. Enter the pvp and you will see already builds that come in to play,  Not to mention the different items that gives more diversion.
5 years 344 days ago
Yeah i agree, at the moment,. I jut hope with the addition of more content they revisit items, and make some that is more unique. Really been my biggest gripe since alpha. The ever-increasing power level on the same "gear" makes the system bland. 

At this point i really stopped caring about all gear then whats Gold,...Purples get sold to the vendor for fate,...

5 years 344 days ago
Eventually, itemization will become huge (in a good way, and in every way). Sets, Relic creating/crafting, Godlikes, addons such as runes... 
5 years 344 days ago
Inquisitor Thaddeus

End game meta builds are going to happen no matter what.  There are always optimal ability and skill configurations that players are going to migrate to and gear sets are just a perk to the player giving them a stylized look to compliment what they're already doing.  Denying sets is looking at the situation from the wrong end and withholding a core perk of RPGs from the player.

5 years 344 days ago
Hello there,

they said in the past they want to avoid implementing gear sets to avoid end game meta builds rather they want to achieve a free customization for every player.