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Invasion of Malcorum Prime


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A new global event is starting today (7pm CEST) in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, lasting throughout the weekend (June 15-17). The event is titled Invasion of Malcorum Prime and includes new community-wide goals, great rewards and a separate leaderboard. This event will be the first chance for the most skillful Inquisitors to permanently etch their name into the game.

Event description:

Something is rotten on Malcorum Prime, one of the Astra Militarium fortress worlds in the Tenebra Subsector. The verdant planet has ceased to be an important military hub, but the colossal strongholds still accommodate millions of Guardsmen, who have been serving the Imperium loyally – until recently. Some hidden taint has corrupted the Hammers of the Emperor on such a scale that the revolts have escalated into a planet-wide conflict. Malcorum Prime is facing an open war between the loyal and rebellious Guardsmen, while sacred divinations and intelligence reports  indicate that it might be only the beginning of a more sinister conflict. The Caligari Conclave will dispatch all available Inquisitors to the world that is slowly succumbing to madness.

Join the war for Malcorum Prime, purge the rebels on various battlefields and cleanse the world before darkness falls.

Free e-book

You don't even have to participate in the Event to receive goodies, we are releasing the next entry in our completely free e-book series The Caligari Archivum.

"Burden" by Gábor Izsóf is a novella in two parts, a murderous tale of an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor obsessed with recovering forbidden knowledge from his past. Spanning over different timelines and visiting some of the darkest reaches of the Caligari Sector, the story grants a sobering glimpse of what it takes to survive in the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Download the first episode here in mobi and epub formats, and expect the second episode after the conclusion of the event.

So, whether you're an active combatant or a passive lore-savant, this weekend you're in for a treat either way! 

The Emperor Protects!

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Global Event: Invasion of Malcorum Prime
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5 years 93 days ago
When will the Event Sucess, "Universe" effect be revealed?   When is the chat coming online btw? Starting to feel like a single player game and my cabal is empty. :P

Empty friends list doesn't help either, especially during those kinds of events. Was a task to grind all that alone... At least add some multiplayer functionality to the missions. Will there be voice chat?

Anyways, hope you guys have a good day.

PS: Can't wait until the the results come in :]

5 years 94 days ago
That "event" was complete trash.

- Useless Grind - 50missions for an emote... OK...

- Crappy reward... I mean I do a Tarot in 5min and I get better rewards !

Seriously even Pay2Win-crappy-Korean-games do better. 

I'm honestly very disappointed and perplexe to the future of this game, I'm not confident to the content of end game, eventhough you state there will be things to do ("it's an open world !" no, it's not...). 

5 years 94 days ago
Well, so all in all a great success is this event gonna end with then.

I would rather say a small event, and in some way it works nice and well.

I understand very well people that didn´t made it to 5000pts. I did not reach that goal either. I tried though, but discovered after a little while that HORDE does not count towards your final score, so helped very little if you had one Mission with 265 pts and the Horde was, let´s say 82.

And then there was all these other things that needs to be done as well. Like getting Levelled up, because it is about time, so you skipped to other activities to level up a bit faster, only to discover that MOST Event Missions wasn´t getting that much easier, no matter what Level you were. And when I first entered one Event Mission I spent easily 10-25 mts, and I didn´t necessarily finish them all either.

Would many things be easier for me if my Character were higher Level, like something between 40-50? Maybe and probably yes, but then again Levelling in this game is very slow, and unless you are sometimes EXTREMELY dedicated it WILL go slow.

And at times you just HAVE to get a small break, and then there are those things that one just HAVE to do in real life too. Those things also pops up.

But I did miss some things like how and where does things happen? What kind of Event/Missions might have Impact on me as a Player? Where does things needs an extra effort at given time? And etc. kind of things.

Also should have been a bit more story around it all. I know this small Event is meant to be kicking off other bigger and greater things down the road, but you get my meaning overall.

Because I know and can understand that this Event feels for a lot of players like the Weekend of Emote Grinding, and that is all there is to it. Even though we all managed to get the ultimate goal of 50 Million pts, and even some people managed to cheat in some numbers too.

5 years 94 days ago
Nice work Inquisitors! I barely made it, I wasn't fussed about the reward but I had to miss the Skull throne event because of work so I wanted to contribute on this pre-event abit at least. 
5 years 94 days ago
Good Job everyone!! we hit the 50mil mark and it sure was fun trying to make sure we as a community make a change! and we will be ready for the next lot that dares oppose the imperium!!

Fight on brothers!

5 years 94 days ago

Another world save from chaos ! Until the next time !!!

5 years 94 days ago

Diddnt make the 5k as I thought the reward wasnt worth the grind, but over all me and the wife did our bit towards the golbal goal, also went up a few levels along the way.  

5 years 94 days ago

Good job everyone

5 years 94 days ago
YAAAY! We made it!! Damn, was a grind tho, haha.
5 years 96 days ago
All in all, I'm enjoying the game thoroughly even if it is just a grind with a lil bit of story, bottom-line it gives me the 40k feel that few others have delivered. However... unfortunately, I also work a 4 day forward rotating schedule and it just happened to start last night. I'm sure I'm in the minority, seems like most folks get the weekends off, and if I'd have had one solid partial day to sit down, this wouldn't have been an issue. After doing the maths, I reached 25% completion in 2 hours. Granted, I run a slow Crusader tanking build at rank 40 with an 1130 PL, so I'm solid in what are mostly 1100 to 1250 PL missions. I think the rewards are just fine, at least for the amount of time it would take me to complete it but unless I'm willing to sacrifice sleep for this I'll be hard pressed. 2 hours, and I sit around the top 25% of the leaderboards as of 12 noon EST, 4240/19609. The overall event score will be achieved by this evening most likely with a day to spare, and thats great... but I'd be interested to know who else feels a little bit alienated by the short "event" time limit. In the end, it's just an /emote, but this is also the same reason I barely touch MMOs' anymore, I don't need a second job when I already spend 60 hours a week at a real one. Seasons are fine, they run for weeks or months at a time... and give folks a chance to participate, this... well, would it have really been a huge deal to let it run into the seasonal release? Good hunting Inquisitors, The Emperor Protects!
5 years 97 days ago
Ok, seriously, done 5,000 dead bodies, is something happen now? Is there later reward - I'm fine with emote, but would like something like a mask, say for killing 20,000. I see nothing wrong with this, if my vanity is so high that I want vanity item and am willing to kill 20,000 of rebels cause of it - well, I don't pay for it (not a pay-to-win game, though someone always suggests so), and may find satisfaction in a souvenir - why not? The question is why anyone would continue with event for two more days, if he got a 5,000 reward and there's nothing more. 

Mighty Snakefist thinks you should add another, higher body-count reward, even if it's just another emote... Could show interesting things, like number of participants, their determination and so on - all of which could be used in planning and making better events in the future...

5 years 97 days ago
Are you fking serious?!?

Grind 50 god damn missions (if you are lucky) is nowadays called an event?!

And the whole reward is an emote?!

Also "nice": Horde type enemies do not count! -.-

I know you (YOU, the devs, neocore) think you need to "do things" to keep the customers happy and busy, well, mostly busy,

but wasting your resources like this, instead of fixing at least some of gamebreaking bugs that persist since alpha... bad idea.

5 years 97 days ago

actually, now it's 2 quests that I haven't gotten my rewards on. I've purposefully double checked to make sure I completed the objectives, and I'm still only getting about 20% of the listed XP and fate. the last one should have given me 600 XP and 11 fate according to the mission brief, but at the end I got 124XP and 3 Fate. somethings broke, and not sure I want to continue doing missions for crap XP and Fate, especially when it's not whats listed for the mission.

Add to that the chance that I won't have supply/inoc boxes on the mission, and I could easily run into a relly irritating, possibly failed mission that will only give me 20% of what it's advertising as a reward.

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5 years 97 days ago
So far missions seem pretty buggy....

1) 3 quests so far where there are NO supply chests or inoculator chests on the mission. VERY hard to finish a mission w/o those. I'm personally lucky as I have an inoculator with a stat that gives me a chance to drop supplies, thats the only reason i survived those maps.

2) targeting objectives in missions need to have more then 1 spot you stand to target them (e.g. disabling turret, calling firstrike down on bunker). Had to purposefully fail one mission as I couldn't initiate the firestrike on the bunker...I think the targeting location was behind an area I couldn't get to due to how the map was set up. or there wasn't a targeting area at all. My character kept running to the far side of the bunker until ground objects stopped her. even tried a few leaps w/my power sword, couldn't get to the area that would trigger the firestrike. If one was there.

3) One quest I didn't get the XP or fate reward from. or it was severely affected. the initial reward should have been 500 odd XP and 8 fate (level 21, PL 550-ish). At the end of the quest, I only got 120 XP and 2 Fate.

4) My assassin seems to have an issue with sticky dodge. I press the button once, and she continues to dodge non stop. Can't determine if anything specific stops it....I usually just start pressing mouse buttons and hotkeys and she eventually stops, but it's irritating, dangerous on a mission, and drains the resources. used to happen on occasion, but it's cropping up pretty regularly now (at least a few times per mission, sometimes more). I've verified through multiple games and general testing in a text program that the button has no issues with double activations or physical sticking, so it's something about how the game recognizes the dodge input (or the interaction between the game and my app driver). 

All drivers up to date btw.

5 years 97 days ago

Plz dont tell me that the 5k rebels and the reward which is shown...a EMOTE...isnt just the first step of this said the story will be continued etc etc.....if thats all....that would be very dissapointing....thats resourcefulness for the simple minded....

5 years 97 days ago

Thanks Dasparian, we will say they dont want to spoil us or make people not at home crying x) ...

I don't think i can achieve the personnal goal until the weekend but i will try my best ... Which PR ( power rank ) do we need for clear a mission as fast as possible please and clear a mission only by the way x) ...

Thanks guys !

5 years 97 days ago

Because Neocore can't hype their own event:

Individual Goal: Kill 5,000 Rebels

Reward: Salute Emote

Community Goal: Kill 5,000,000 Rebels

Reward: 100 Influence Points (Chernobog Sector), Gift from the Chernobog Governor (Item pack, contents unknown)
5 years 97 days ago
So far I have been loving this game. Excited about the event!
5 years 97 days ago
Can you please explain what "rewards" we can achieve by participating?

And how the "etch the name into the game" will work?

Also, I hope this is not one fixed power rating of missions, so that all players can participate without severe workarounds.

5 years 97 days ago
Posted by Brax Malcharion 5 years 97 days ago
This Thread needs to be pinned on the Top of the Hub.

Question: Is this EBook in English only or has someone translated it into .... other Languages?

For the moment english starting translate in French if someone want to help ^^ ...

Translate all patch note and others note too like this whole post ^^ ( French only ^^' )

5 years 97 days ago

Inquisitors! Server Maintenance starts today at 5PM to 7PM CEST - The Invasion of Malcorum Prime - Global Event starts right afterwards.

5 years 97 days ago
Excitement level rising
5 years 97 days ago

Thank you Neocore

Good luck and have fun people :)

Time for some

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5 years 97 days ago
This Thread needs to be pinned on the Top of the Hub.

Question: Is this EBook in English only or has someone translated it into .... other Languages?

5 years 97 days ago
Awesome !!! Want to seal the name of my inquisitor on the story !

For the emprah !!