Opinions from a fellow melee Crusader


Well after purging like a madman and getting 2nd place on the short global even only using a 2handed melee Thunder Hammer crusader i have some toughts on how to improve the combat so ill get to the point:


     - both the movement skill from greataxe and thunder hammer freeze for a couple sec mid air sometimes (only seems to hapen when you use it on really close range), this completly kills pace and actually almost got me killed a few times

     - after you use the 2nd skill on the thunderhammer and you kill for example on the 1st hit the caracter gets "stuck" for a brief moment, try to completly get rid of that time after using the skill,  also consider making this skill have some sort of close target aquiring for example if you kill with the first hit it automaticly hits another target in range until you reach the 3 hits.

    -Animation time on the thunder hammer attacks is a bit to big compared to the other weapons try to improve it but not much (after all its a big heavy hammer) more on this subject below.

    - NOW THIS IS A BIG ONE - Bloody Execute

now dear Neocore i know its a good ideia and all but the small cinematic just DOES NOT WORK on a game like this, sometimes when i saw a walker i literally just felt like kiling myself, it totally kills the flow of combat and its just a headache, i know youve spent time doing the hole execute tree skills perks etc, ( somebody actually making the animations) but plz just GET RID OF IT. 

  Maybe try to replace it with some form off overkill dmg tree, where you would have a percentage  off gaining the bonus from the  overkill dmg into heal, extra dmg, extra mov speed etc, i think that would be nice to make some builds.

    - The hold F thing just is also a pace and flow combat feel killer, i found my self not completing turret missions just because of that, just replace it with a single press key ez fix.

   - Assault jump from the assault armor is actually a good skill, with my extensive grind i actually find really good use for it on mid combat situations, (for guys complaining trust me, get some grind and youll get what im saying) BUT , you need to reduce or maybe just get rid of that annoying delay after you press the button and the skill actually activating, also on landing there is another long delay to use another skill, if you fix this trust me all of the suden every one will be wanting to jump around and not thinking of it has a useless skill. ( and plz increase the AOE on it substancially, blowing more stuff while jumping around just gives a special feel). 

Now on the other super annoying thing about the "Jetpack" is the fact its a bit hard to jump over cliffs sometimes, with some practice you improve on this but those dam ice map cliffs just gave headaches, try finding a way to make this much ez and plz make those dam ice map cliffs being able to jump over them.

   - This one i know it will get beeter over time, but the map layout and moob placement needs more diversity, i got to the point where i knew eyes close what corner or moobs would come next, this actually got me into an AUTO cruise mode wich took away a lot of combat feel, FIX THIS, i know in time youll add more content but just make more map and moob layouts thats not difficult.


    -  General combat feel and enjoyment is overall really good ( fix those things i said and trust me it will be almost Godlike)

   - For all those people complaining about how slow the crusader is trust me, ive invested some time and toughts on the build and it gets A LOT FASTER, to the point where the only thing faster clearing and running betwen packs is the Psyker and his teleport ( dont get me started on this) THAT SAID, it really  is slow at the early game and lvl's and that is what is driving people from playing melee, try to improve on this plz.

    - Now about animation time mentioned earlier, welp there is the old cancel animation thing ( for people not knowing about this its using a skill on a specifc momment after using other skill that just nulls the animation time), personally Neocore DO NOT GET RID OFF IT, unlike most ARPG's where you find yourself pressing keys like a robot and not getting any difference , this is actually really good and enjoyable, when you get the feel of it you find yourself getting a personal satisfation getting all those pressing buttons on the right moment and it adds what is in my opinion and actual learning curve to the combat that its just not present on most ARPG's and i find it refreshing.


    Well Neocore i think youve actually managed to make a really nice combat system that is enjoyable, ez to unexperienced players to get the hang of it but also with a good learning curve to the point were you can put the exact same caracter with 2 players and the most experienced one gets a lot more dps and clearing than the other, now get working fix these things ( Advice  do this before console realese)

PS: Ive got  some, what i think, good ideias about on how to improve combat diversity, new skill system etc but ill leave it another post.

PS 2 : DO NOT EVER NERF AOE of Tundering Leap

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Opinions from a fellow melee Crusader
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5 years 359 days ago
Yeah there should be an opyion to turn off execute. It was cool the first few times but after that it is annoying. Reminds me alot of DoW 2 sync kills...
5 years 359 days ago

First of all gj on your success and secondly on you time and effort to make this post.
I agree on many things. Keep up on your work and join us in PvP we need the skills of yours.

This comment was edited 5 years 359 days ago by Inquisitor Thaddeus
5 years 359 days ago
The Armour jump skill was a lot beta during Alpha, then it got nerfed. Mighty Snakefist considers it crucial for fast-moving melee crusader, and that it needs to be improved a bit, after playing both variants...
5 years 360 days ago
All respect brother and thanks for your positive feedback! Yeah ill give the hammer another go, Just gonna hit 50 first today ;) so I can hopefully get a relic hammer and do more dps!

Glad you agree on the turn off option.

Ill look forward to your post on the skill system, items etc.

I just really hope they work on character armour customization and looks adding things to make our Inquisitors and other classes look more unique from each other and cool. Maybe even have like Cabal icons and such. Kinda like Warframes character customization if you ever played it.

Keep purging brother!

5 years 360 days ago
Thirdeye i agree with you on the just turn off option for execute, yeah that might be just enough, on the greataxe ive actually played it just up until the event because its more fluid and enjoyable most times compared to the thunder hammer, but right now the TH is just much better, at 1st feels a bit clunky and weird but actually once you get the hang of it becomes really fun and even better DPS ( plus bluing up everything is fantastic ), but ill make another post later on were i will cover in more detail all the weapons and what needs to be done to improve the overall combat feel plus my perspective on how the hole skills system and items should be reworked ASAP to give more build options and depth to the game.

Ty very much for the feedback Thirdeye, its with construtive critics that this game can trully become one of the big boys in the ARPG scene wich with my 20 years playing ARPG's i think it can hapen with all you guys help.

Keep Purging brother!

5 years 360 days ago
OMG yes on so many points you made and can totally agree on them, except the execute animation part. I think there should be a option to turn it off for those who want to just speed run and plow their mobs into the warp. I really could have used the turn off function during the event. As much as I love the animation and it gives me like a moments rest for my hands (I got hand problems) it helps taking the short break to stretch and maybe look at twitch on my 2nd monitor for a brief break. Overall it needs a turn off option.

I wish you mentioned stuff about the greater axe aswell because their is some bugs/issues with that too such as using the charge ability sometimes only goes 1 meter and then stops or else uses the charge animation right up against a mob and continues until it reaches it 20 meter range then hits the mob animation which is really weird and horribly annoying.

The assault armour is amazing with melee builds and totally agree and yea the crusader is fast later on after some gear and right skill points. I just wish like you said it was fixed around jumping over cliffs etc because I have noticed myself where it can jump pretty far and high ranges and yet struggles to jump a 2 meter tall cliff and 5 meters length where as it can jump further and higher than that.

I agree on the hold F thing for missions. We should only have to press it and just kill the enemies that come and we do it by either 1 defending the console? or 2 we have to stay within a certain range of the console maybe? I don't know which would be better, maybe there is more options but certainly we shouldn't be held back from purging heretics in this game for a simple mission.

I never played much with the Hammer you mention but I do like it but prefer the axe because the charge ability is more for me but the hammer is awesome and I did notice what you mentioned happened and agree with you on that.

Thanks for posting this, really good to see someone did it as I myself have been thinking of posting a few things about many things including the melee myself but finding the right way to address it at the moment seems to be taken by someone else.

I also enjoying the game, thanks neocore and hopefully things get improved!!

Fight on brother!