Aether Strike off the map


Trying to squeeze through some rocks, I used Aether Strike to get through. However, as you can see, it jumped me all over the place and off the map. Thankfully it ended up correcting itself and placed me back where I needed to be.

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Aether Strike off the map
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86 days ago
On PS4 I have never experienced this however, I do occasionally fall through the ground. I can move around and while doing that I slowly move above the ground again after which I can continue.

I've never been able to skip a portion of the map this way as it always moves me back up in close vicinity.

That being said, this is not something that bugs me because the game always places me back and I can continue. There are many games where, when you get stuck, you need to quit or reload. So I'm happy the game is able to resolve this by itself when it happens and it only happens rarely.

92 days ago
Noted, thanks for the video. This can be said to be a 'general' problem across all the movement skills. We will consider if we can rework these skills without touching on its core ability.
97 days ago
I would like to make a follow-up to this. In the example shown, in the end the bug moves me an extra short distance to the edge of the map in the direction I shifted. Jarring, but not a big deal

However, on another occasion, this same bug allowed me to skip half of a void crusade level. If the map layout is crooked enough, the game's solution to me shifting out of bounds seems to reposition me in the closest valid spot, and sometimes that apparently can be in a completely separate part of the map. If someone could figure out how to do this consistently, it could be very exploitable.