Can someone please clearify how Construct Mods work


My question is do stats on the modules that you equip to your constructs that do not list "construct" in the description ( example: # hp on kill, % physical damage, % melee damage, heat resistance...etc) effect the construct or the player? I have checked the character page where it shows your offensive, defensive stats and none of the values that are listed on the construct mods show up there, i even checked during the missions while the constructs are summoned, and nothing. I have multiple modules with melee damage and physical damage, but when i check my character page stats for melee and physical damage show up as 0. This makes me think the constructs mods effect constructs even if the effect doesn't have constructs mentioned in them. Is that true? This is very confusing.

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Can someone please clearify how Construct Mods work
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38 days ago
thank you, that simplifies things a lot :)
39 days ago
You've pretty much already got the right idea.

A useful way to think about it is, 'gear gives benefits to the entity it is equipped on, unless otherwise specified.' In other words, since construct modules are equipped on your constructs, they give benefits to those constructs. Since your character's equipment is on you, it gives its benefits to you---unless it says "to constructs" on it. This also explains why construct modules affect *only* the construct it is equipped on. I.e., if you have a construct module equipped on your Kataphron that says, "+X heat resist", only that construct will receive the benefit; your vivisectors, for instance, would not get that benefit. However, if your character had an enchant that said "+X heat resist to constructs", *all* your constructs would receive this benefit (since it's explicitly stated as an exception).

Inquisitor isn't always consistent with its wording, so I guarantee there are exceptions to this general rule, but it remains a useful way of thinking about things nonetheless.

39 days ago

all the modules only affect the constructs to the types . u can miss an math if u like. nothing will show up on stats page yet.

nothin effect the player only player effects. like ur other char builds , if doesn't say (constructs) then in theory it your effects

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