About the length of names...


It's rather simple. We have a rather strict restriction on name length in the game as of now.

Not that many characters. In a universe where half the characters have rather long names and titles, that seems... odd. I'd also like to be able to use my full, proper name.

Give an explanation as to why we need this limitation, or remove it?



PS: Loving the game so far. It will possibly the best 40K game since a while...

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About the length of names...
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7 years 135 days ago

Cheers mate, I really appreciate your reply, and it's a timely one at that! 

A rare feat these days, direct communication with the devs. Many claim it, few act by it. Thanks.

I'll be keeping a close eye and most likely leave more feedback on the game - Maybe I'll find a few tiny, subtle things other people miss. I am actually the person responsible for having the Relic devs raise the number of save-able custom army paint schemes on Dawn of War 2 in a patch from... I think 16... to.... err...  I researched the exact number of SM and CSM legions and gave it to them. No idea how many those were exactly, not without counting them again. Many, many legions though. Which meant many, many customisable army paint schemes. Which meant more fun for everyone who likes to customise and paint their miniatures just like on the tabletop.

But yeah, I tend to pick up on the smallest bits, but they're often quality of life, and give a product just that extra bit of shine.

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7 years 135 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, and the compliment!

The limitations have many reasons as of now, longer names will look ugly on a lot of GUI elements, for once. Nevertheless, I'll write this up to our request list.