Feedback as of playing v1.5 and 1.6


Okay, so first off a couple of things

1. I intend any criticism of the game to be constructive, so please don't think I'm bashing on the game, because I have genuinely enjoyed most of my experience thus far.
2. I am aware that the game is currently alpha, some of what I suggest has probably already been discussed or thought of by the devs. Most of my feedback is simply a reflection of things I personally think would enhance the game.

Right, disclaimer done...let's get into it


  • I find point and click to both move and interact in this game a bit clunky, especially when the going gets heavy.  The game does have optional keyboard based movement, but for this to be effective I believe that you need to mouse to be 'interact only' to avoid movement conflicts.
  • Camera rotation:  Would there be a possibility of key binding for camera panning, or possibly the ability to bind a shortcut to reset the camera to a fixed position (probably the way the inquisitor is facing?)
  • Character Speed: I understand slow movement would be necessary carrying heavy weapons and armor, but slightly increased character speed would allow for more dynamic gameplay, and also be helpful when roaming or backtracking through larger maps.
  • In game inventory: I agree with the idea of having a specific loadout when beginning a mission, but i think that it is sensible to assume that a character should be able to swap and change loadout with items and weapons found during the mission, especially if the initial loadout has been unsuitable.
  • Character respec: Can this be made available? Possibly at the cost of fate? It would allow players to re-tailor their characters to suit their style of play without having to restart at level 1.


  • Currently I have no issue with the camera angle, but due to the nature of most maps being in tight quarters (corridors and such) I think opacity needs to be worked on. For example, when going through a set of doors the wall above should fade at the same time the doors open rather than as the character walks through the arch, as often I have walked into a room without being able to see enemy units directly in front of me.


  • I really like the current cover system, it provides a great tactical angle to an otherwise fairly standard ARPG fight. My main wish for expanding this is allowing the units to take cover behind corners and door arches, as well as the short sides of stationary objects and perhaps down the track even behind the fallen remains of enemy engines.
  • Personally, I would love to see the shield expanded to be used as cover as well. For instance, with shield equipped have the ability (using the same keybind for current use of cover) in open areas to block, so increasing deflection and damage soak from enemies within the facing 90 degree arc. Of course, I'd expect that by doing so you wouldn't be able to attack and would have heavy movement speed penalties involved, but it would make cc characters more survivable in a firestorm, and allow a character to effectively "Tank" in co-op play
  • AI use of cover could be improved. One of my favorite moments has been unloading a heavy bolter at full auto into a large group of approaching enemy mobs. I expect nothing less from a swarm of nurglings or fanatical sword wielding mobs, I'd love to see more units scattering for cover, trying to pin you with fire or flank your position, even withdrawing to better positions as you blast away their cover. Especially ranged mobs like gunners and warlocks, or elite mobs such as space marines and enemy commanders.


  • I'm aware currently the weapons are simply ordered as common (yellow), uncommon (blue), rare (green) and very rare (purple). I'd suggest renaming to something along the lines of standard issue (yellow), superior (blue), master-crafted (green) and relic (purple) and adjusting drop rates accordingly (as master-crafted weapons are rare enough and relics are more or less uniquely named and famed weapons with history and backstory). I think this would add to the atmosphere of the game a lot more.
  • Dual wielding - come on, who hasn't ever considered charging the enemy with a roaring chainsword in each hand like a futuristic barbarian? Or dodging pillar to pillar with a twin pistol combo like an inquisitorial Neo from the Matrix? even being able to mix a cc and single hand ranged weapon combo, like we see often in the tabletop game would be a great working addition.
  • Weapon diversity - I've tried quite a few different weapon combos and I'm finding that a lot tend to be quite same same damage wise. For instance, the only real difference I've noticed between the plasma gun and plasma cannon is rate of fire, and it feels like either should be far more effective against a space marine than a lasgun, but the lasgun was more efficient in my opinion. Same goes for cc weapons, chainswords being less effective against around than power swords for instance.
  • A way to easily compare weapon stats between what is in your inventory would be appreciated. Perhaps make it automatic whenever you click to check stats on a weapon or item in the inventory. 


  • Plague marine havocs are painful, and if backed up by a group of ranged mobs they can quite easily lock you into a perpetual cycle of overwhelemed, stunlocked and dead. My suggestion for this would be taking the homing missile away and giving them standard point to point missiles with faster travel speed, giving the inquisitor a chance to dodge and recover.
  • Dreadnoughts: This is personal opinion going off w40k lore, but these guys should be RARE! A dreadnought is basically an injured veteran space marine entombed in a massive bipedal war machine. These guys would be named, they would be a principal mission target when identified. At the moment fighting them doesn't feel particularly special or challenging (unless you have the wrong weapon combo...then it's more of a long grinding journey)
  • Word bearers champions need to be more survivable, I managed to cut one down with a lasgun before he could get close enough to do any real damage. The sorcerers were the same, and like dreadnoughts I also reckon these guys should be a rare and challenging enemy. If anything, champion units along with apostles, standard bearers (demagogues) and rogue commanders should be your common mini-bosses and assassination targets.
  • Chaos gates are far too easy to destroy. I'd expect heavier resistance when trying to take one down, or it to summon more than one standard mob (perhaps a nurgling horde or a squad of units instead?) ans to spawn at a higher rate.


  • The best mission I've done so far was the deactivating of the enemy AA ordinance. It felt like my character was in the world, making a larger difference to the system war as a whole. More like this please :)
  • Would adding major and minor objectives be an option? I feel this would give more depth to the missions, which can become quite repetitive. For instance, perhaps your main objective is to destroy the three chaos gates allowing demons into the world, but reports say that the apostle of nurgle responsible for their existence is in area, and as a minor objective you need to hunt it down, or perhaps during an assassination mission there's word of hidden reports documenting undercover chaos agents in the imperial guard that need to be recovered.
  • On the search and recover missions, I know that currently in alpha it's easier to simply have boxes to find. But down the track perhaps a mix of things? Main objective collect an imperial relic thought lost, but minor objectives find several dataslates held by enemy units (random drop) detailing troop movements and hack and enemy data station (hold interact) to gather intel on traitor astartes plans.

That's all for I come across more I'll add to this post. I hope others will too.

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Feedback as of playing v1.5 and 1.6
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Thanks a lot man, very nice write-up!

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