A couple glitches after update


Just wanted to give a heads up to a couple bugs I found when logging in.

Instead of my weekly Glory rewards, the Cabal tab was lit up. After what seemed like the missing Glory reward bug had been fixed last week, we are back to receiving no reward for the week. Glory was at 495. Was looking forward to the loot chance on the melee Assassin, but received no reward at all...not even the Fate count. 

Couldn't log in. The screen randomly disconnected and would not reconnect to the servers. Had to completely close the game out and restart the game. Did not even get the Steam download page until after the game had launched. 

The star map completely cashed. When I backed out of the system to find where the Cabal missions (what system) were located, there was no way to even get back to the system I was in before the star map went blank. There were no names on  the system, no tab to click, and no way to get back to the current system. 

I ended up plugging some things into the crafter and logging out while I run the repair tool. So far no corruption has been found and the only file change was the 6.8 MB downloaded today. 

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A couple glitches after update
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4 years 359 days ago

The Glory bug was repeatable. 

Despite running repairs last week, I chose to level up my Glory only to 350 instead of pushing to the max of 800.

When I logged in the Cabal tab was lit up. This week (unlike last week) there was a weekly reward tab lit in the Cabal tab. It gave me the same thing I would have received out of the Glory (reward box) minus the Fate. So basically it gave me the Great Glory reward through the Cabal tab without the Fate earned for the week (which only would have been 50). 

Therefore the only time I have received a full Glory reward for the week was when I maxed Glory since the Steam sale. 

Also, oddly, my account on the web page says zero purchases. Don't know if that would cause this type of bug. It is a bit weird since my Steam, bug tracker, and web page (forum) access are all linked to the same email account. Thanks in advance and will report other bugs as I come across them. 

4 years 363 days ago
Thanks for the report, we will look into the issue!